Detachment of pale-skinned: which Russian actresses avoid tanning and why

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Sunburn Litvinova not to face

Nobody saw Renata Litvinova with a tan. The actress and director has porcelain skin, which she cherishes like the apple of her eye. Litvinova appears on the beach in a black one-piece swimsuit and certainly in a wide-brimmed hat. The director avoids direct sunlight – for her they are synonymous with aging. Renata says this: “While some give the skin a golden hue, I put a whitening mask on my face.” I must say, pallor suits her!

Katerina Spitz’s skin tolerates tan well, but the actress herself is not a fan of a swarthy body. For her, this is not a synonym for beauty. The girl goes to the beach strictly before 11:00 and then after 16:00. Between entries in the water lies under an umbrella and never forgets about sunscreen. There was an episode in Katerina’s biography when she worked as a dancer. But even then, Spitz avoided going to the solarium, preferring to give her body a golden hue with a shimmer. In addition, like most actors in the summer, the star of the series “Poddubny” makes sure that after the vacation her skin in the frame does not differ in tone from what was filmed before the trip.

Boyarskaya, Snigir, Vulichenko are hiding from the sun

Elizaveta Boyarskaya is a longtime fan of natural skin pallor. On vacation, the first thing the actress takes with her is a hat, sunscreen and an umbrella. She says that her skin quickly turns red in the sun, so it protects her from direct rays. The actress does not go to the solarium on principle – she does not like artificial tanning, and it is a pity for time for it. Anna Chipovskaya has a tan to her face, but she prefers not to get carried away, she doesn’t go to the solarium, she doesn’t go to the beach on a hot day. Darkness of the skin gives with the help of cosmetics.

Yuliya Snigir has avoided solarium for many years. The brunette, who has lost weight by half, is adorned with snow-white skin, but this was not always the case. According to Yulia, in her student days, she desperately experimented with style and, among other things, did not bypass the image of a tanned blonde – because of her unnatural tan, her acquaintances sometimes did not recognize her. These times are long gone: now artificial tan, according to the actress, makes a woman cheaper and older. Snigir pays a lot of attention to finding the most suitable cosmetics with a natural composition. This also applies to sunscreens.

Red-haired Ekaterina Vulichenko is simply dangerous to be in the open sun: her skin quickly turns red and blistered. The actress loves to spend summer with her family in Cyprus. Returning home, she is often asked why she did not tan. The actress explains with a laugh that there is a tan – you just need to compare it with areas of the skin that do not fall under the sun’s rays. The actress has a whole arsenal of sunscreens with a high protection factor. And be sure to wear a cap with goggles – even when entering the water.

Dermatologists warn

Even if your skin has always been tan tolerant, over time the natural barrier of protection is reduced and you may be allergic to the sun. Typical signs of photodermatosis: reddening of the skin and itching, as if from a nettle burn. A small rash remains as a memory, which can develop into blisters (blisters). Such characteristics are well known to fair-skinned red-haired girls, but we repeat, everyone can face allergies. You need to act immediately: take an antihistamine, be sure to take a shower (you can wipe the damaged areas with infusion of black tea) and apply an after-sun product to the skin, for example, the Rescuer balm.

If you are aware of your UV sensitivity, it is worth using sunscreens with physical filters containing zinc. And, of course, be in the open sun until 11:00 and then after 16:00. No matter how safe the sun may seem during the intermediate hours, you can be sure that it will leave a mark on your skin. Also, do not think that a solarium is a more gentle option for obtaining ultraviolet radiation. Earn photodermatosis and there is easier than ever.

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