Diet by blood type – truth or myth

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The author of the idea is the American doctor of naturopathy Peter D’Adamo. He believes that human health is directly related to genetics, heredity and blood type. If you eat in accordance with your blood type, then there will be neither excess weight nor health problems.

The essence of the diet

D’Adamo outlined the basic principles of nutrition and developed a table of foods by blood type. The food at the heart of the diet is divided into three categories – healthy, harmful and neutral for each group. Optionally, it is allowed to introduce dietary supplements: they will help compensate for the possible deficiency of nutrients that may occur when certain products are abandoned.

  1. Useful. Completely fit the body by blood group.
  2. Harmful. They provoke weight gain, worsen tone, accelerate the development of diseases.
  3. Neutral. Products can occasionally be included in the diet.

1st group

These are the descendants of ancient hunters. They have good immunity and excellent digestion, high levels of activity and metabolism. Of the minuses – difficulties with a change in nutrition, a tendency to allergies and inflammation. This group includes about a third of the population.

Their diet is a predator diet: red meat (you can fish and seafood) with the addition of green leafy vegetables. All cereals, except buckwheat, and legumes are harmful to them.

2nd group

D’Adamo considers them to be the descendants of farmers. This is almost 40% of the world’s population. They have a rather weak digestive system, are often prone to various diseases of the gallbladder, pancreas and kidneys. They are harmful to meat, poultry and milk, as well as tangerines and bananas. Useful fish, almost any vegetables and fruits, legumes (except beans).

3rd group

Nomads. People with a strong nervous system and good immunity. This group arose as a result of the mixing of races. Of the minuses, there are failures in metabolism and an increased likelihood of cardiological and oncological diseases.

They are contraindicated in poultry, nuts, pork and seafood. Lamb, lamb, rabbit, venison, fatty fish, black caviar, high-fat dairy products, and carbohydrate-rich foods (cereals, bread and root vegetables) are useful.

4th group

New people. There are no more than 8% of them on earth. These are city dwellers – they can do everything, but in small doses and with an emphasis on seafood.

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