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Do you know that:

  • Every sixth woman refuses intimacy because of vaginal discharge and bad smell?

One of the reasons for all these troubles and complications may be vaginal dysbiosis, which begins with subtle discharge with an unpleasant odor.

Vaginal dysbiosis, or as gynecologists call this condition, bacterial vaginosis, is a violation of the vaginal microflora, a condition in which the opportunistic flora, usually present in a woman’s genital tract in a minimal amount, begins to actively multiply.

Can this be avoided?

Today, everyone knows that after a course of antibiotics, it is necessary to take drugs to restore the intestinal microflora of the body. But few people know that after the treatment of diseases of the female genital area with antimicrobial suppositories or tablets, restorative measures are also needed.

An acidic vaginal environment is a natural factor in protecting women’s health! An acidic environment promotes the growth of normal lactoflora and prevents the reproduction of various opportunistic bacteria that can enter the female genital organs from the intestines.

When the acidic environment changes to an alkaline one, beneficial lactobacilli die, and opportunistic microbes begin to actively grow and multiply in an alkaline environment. As a result, a woman is faced with a mass of unpleasant symptoms: discharge, unpleasant odor, discomfort, burning sensation.

In this situation, gynecologists most often recommend various antimicrobial suppositories and tablets that destroy harmful bacteria, but the environment in the vagina still remains alkaline. And in an alkaline environment, opportunistic bacteria begin to grow and develop again. The result is a return of all symptoms after a short period of time.

To avoid the return of unpleasant symptoms, you need to take care of the reproduction of your own lactobacilli – that is, make the environment acidic. It is the acidic environment of the vagina that is a natural mechanism that protects a woman from pathogenic bacteria. In the days of our grandmothers, many women, faced with a similar problem, used a slice of lemon.

Fortunately, today there is a faster and more convenient, and most importantly, a modern way to restore the acidic vaginal environment to a physiological norm – this is a drug “VAGINORM-S”.

“VAGINORM-S” may be used after each course of antimicrobial vaginal suppositories. Convenient tablets are inserted deep into the vagina 1 time per day at bedtime, for a total of 6 days in a row.

As a result of drug treatment “VAGINORM-S” the acidic environment and the normal microflora of the vagina are restored, which reduces the risk of returning unpleasant symptoms and preserves women’s health.

The diagnosis of “vaginal dysbacteriosis” can be made by a gynecologist, so it is necessary to consult a specialist.


There are contraindications. It is necessary to consult with a specialist.

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