Do birth control pills interfere with sex?

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For many years, the use of contraceptives has been a fierce controversy – they are credited with the ability to cause cancer, disrupt the structure of the genital organs, but most researchers attribute the use of oral contraceptives to sexual dysfunction. Is it really? Do oral contraceptives really break sexual desire, Goodshapetips found out.

Statistics data

Scientists from a number of European countries conducted a survey and a global psychological study of women in the categories up to 29 years old and from 30 to 39 years old who took oral contraceptives for a long time. Women noted a decrease in the severity of premenstrual syndrome. But in parallel with this, many of the women noted a decrease in sexual desire and interest in the opposite sex.

Some respondents noted lack of desire to sex in general, for others, intimacy did not cause such vivid sensations that they had before the use of drugs, and some women revealed difficulties in the process of sexual intercourse with an orgasm, moisturizing the vagina and the appearance of unpleasant sensations.

The effect of contraceptives on sexuality

If you carefully read the instructions for any oral contraceptive, you will find a possible change in libido in the side effects column. Contraceptives consist of hormonal substances that have certain effects on the body – they suppress ovulation and make the possibility of conception almost zero.

Since there is no ovulation, the selection of the group decreases in the woman’s body. female hormones the genital area, which affected menstruation and reproductive function, they are replaced by special synthetic analogues in tablets. Due to this, changes occur in the body.

In addition, due to the regular use of hormonal oral contraceptives, a decrease in the production of testosterone, a male hormone that affects sexuality, is formed. They block both ready-made and produced testosterone. This reduces the level of passion and makes it harder getting an orgasm, makes it feel less intense. With long-term use of pills, these changes may even be irreversible, and women may be less passionate in the future.

That is why young women whose sexual life has recently begun, when taking oral contraceptives, may show sexual coldness and anorgasmia, it is difficult for them to get discharge due to blocking testosterone.

In addition to all these effects, it was noted that with the regular absence of orgasm, the level of the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the feeling of attachment to a partner and the formation of a feeling of love for him, decreases. That is why women may notice problems in relationships and sex.

With regular and long-term use of contraceptives, an unpleasant sensation and even soreness may occur during intimacy. The fact is that with a decrease in natural estrogens and their replacement with synthetic ones, the walls of the vagina become thinner, the activity of the glands that produce the secret decreases, and unpleasant subjective sensations appear. Added to this is the difficulty of arousing a woman due to testosterone deficiency. Usually in such cases, it is recommended to stop taking contraceptives.

In addition, contraceptive drugs are believed to affect our body’s excretion of pheromones, special odorous substances that make us sexually attractive to members of the opposite sex. These substances are secreted due to the action of sex hormones on the glands. Naturally, with a decrease in the level of hormones, the release of pheromones also decreases.

Also, women taking oral contraceptives are not set up to create a family and procreate. Therefore, they are interested in sex not so much for conception and childbirth, but for the sake of pleasure itself, and it will not always be even a permanent partner. Such women are prone to depression and irritability – a consequence of the use of pills that contain progestin.

Women taking contraceptives later have children due to some difficulties with conception due to age characteristics. When taking pills, there is no protection against genital infections and all sorts of diseases, which leads to chronic inflammation of the appendages and disrupts reproductive capabilities.

Benefits of birth control pills

Despite all the disadvantages of oral contraception, it has taken a strong place in protecting women from unwanted pregnancies and is regularly used with its main function, as well as a remedy for some hormonal disorders. In addition, oral contraception gives women peace of mind, they feel freer, not afraid of getting pregnant at the wrong time, which gives them relaxation, leveling the possible negative effects. And the level of excitement and achievement of orgasm largely depends on the partner.


It is important to use oral contraception on the recommendation of a doctor, carefully selecting drugs – then they will give the least possible negative effects. Breaks are needed in taking contraceptives, especially if there is no permanent partner or the relationship has stopped for some time.

Have you noticed the negative effect of birth control pills?

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