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A person spends about a third of his life in a state of sleep, and the remaining two-thirds of wakefulness depend on how strong and complete he is. In the conditions of modern life, a good and long sleep is a rare gift.

Ninety percent of people lose a lot of opportunities to restore their health and appearance at night just because they do not know how to get the most out of sleep.

Healthy sleep rules

1) Night is the best time to sleep.At night, nature reduces the intensity of many biological processes, so our body rests more fully. Try to go to bed no later than 22-23 hours. In any case, your sleep must necessarily capture the time from 2 am to 4 am. At this time, we sleep most deeply and “productively”.At the same time, it is not recommended to sleep during the day!It is especially undesirable to sleep before sunset.

2) Sleep at least 8 hours.The average adult needs eight hours of sleep. Sleep should be uninterrupted and calm, because real rest comes only a few hours after falling asleep. The very first and most difficult step on the way to healthy sleep is to learn how to follow the regimen and go to bed on time.

3) Relax before bed.Try to free yourself from all kinds of worries and anxieties, do not read exciting books, do not watch movies that make you worry. All this overloads the subconscious, and can cause unpleasant dreams that will prevent you from truly relaxing. This brings a lot of positive emotions and perfectly sets up for rest:

  • warm bath with the addition of aromatic oils,

  • a glass of warm milk with honey or tea and mint and lemon balm,

  • dreams and thoughts about something pleasant,

  • short walk before bed

  • relaxing massage,

  • leisurely and gentle sex.

4) Never eat before bed.In addition to the fact that late meals very definitely affect our figure, a late dinner provides our stomach with work all night, which sometimes also needs a rest. If you feel like eating, do it no later than 2 hours before bedtime and eat only light food (vegetables, fruits, dairy products).
Your last cup of coffee is before 3 pm.Then – only tea from mint, lemon balm, and if you are lazy, you can buy for you already prepared soothing herbal tea.

5) Sleep does not like light.It is better to sleep in a dark room with the curtains drawn on the windows. Wallpaper the walls of the bedroom in neutral, not too light colors.

6) Your bed should be warm and the air in the bedroom should be cool.Never neglect to air your bedroom before going to bed and remember that your bed linen should be fresh, warm and always beautiful. Preferably – from natural cotton or linen .. The ideal temperature for sleeping is 18-20 ° C, a higher one can cause restless dreams, and the cold will not allow the body to relax.In a well-ventilated room, a person always sleeps better.Therefore, we advise you to sleep with an open window, and in bad weather – with an open window.

7) Sleep on a flat bed.Pillows that are too high and mattresses that are too soft cause tension in the spine, prevent the body from relaxing, and can lead to early wrinkling. On soft featherbeds, the body inevitably bends, and this causes a violation of the blood supply to the spinal cord and various organs that are clamped. In addition, it leads to pinching of nerve endings, which can adversely affect any part of the body.
The most beneficial sleeping position is on the side., automatically turning over several times during the night. But you can also sleep on your back.

8) Sleep in light clothes– a nightgown, pajamas, under which the body will be completely free. Sleepwear should be made from natural fabrics. It is useful to sleep naked – these are ideal conditions for a good rest of the whole body. Remember to sleep warm.

9) Sleeping pills – only as a last resort.Frequent use of sleeping pills loosens the nervous system. A person who is used to falling asleep with pills rarely wakes up alert and rested.
If you toss and turn from side to side for a long time, it is difficult to fall asleep, throw back the blanket, open the window and let yourself freeze: when after that you cover yourself and warm up, sleep will come quickly.
The old advice for falling asleep quickly is to count in your mind. Turns out it’s completely useless. Psychologists advise better to remember something pleasant. Listening to a recording of the sound of the sea surf or a lulling smooth melody will be beneficial for sleep.

10) Don’t stay too long in bed.As soon as you wake up (and this can be early in the morning), you need to smile, stretch, throw off the covers and get up.

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