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Careful care of one’s own health, and, accordingly, appearance (these two concepts are inextricably linked!) is a sign of a successful person of our time. Can you imagine a successful, modern, healthy and beautiful person with bad teeth? Of course, this is impossible.

Modern dentistry gives each of us a lot of opportunities to keep our teeth healthy and very beautiful always, at any age. It is clear that taking care of your teeth should become a habit from an early age. After all, it all starts in childhood.

Children’s dentistry

Sounds trite? Nevertheless, this statement is absolutely true, and in no case should we forget about it when it comes to our kids. Health is no exception.

Health is laid down for years at a very young age, in many respects even before the birth of a baby. Dental health is important. However, due to the lack of information, many of us mistakenly believed that baby teeth do not require close attention and diligent care, like permanent ones. They still fall out…

Fortunately, today there are many sources of medical knowledge in the public domain that are useful for everyone, and more and more people are beginning to understand the importance and urgent need for caring for the teeth of babies.

Yes, and to show this care these days is becoming easier and more pleasant – thanks to the development of new technologies in pediatric dentistry, the emergence of modern dental clinics, where treatment is carried out comfortably and painlessly for the child.

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Do not forget that healthy, beautiful teeth must be properly positioned. Smooth dentition is not only beauty, it is an urgent need for our health.

If you find that your child or yourself has a malocclusion, be sure to take the time to visit an orthodontist.

The task of an orthodontist is to correct the patient’s malocclusion, and a normal occlusion is the correct operation of the temporomandibular joint.

Braces are used to restore the necessary position to the teeth, to ensure the beauty and functionality of the dentition, braces. There are many methods for solving these problems and types of braces. The main thing that unites them is the permanent effect of the treatment.

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Laser dentistry

If a tooth is sick or you find a hole, you should never postpone a visit to the doctor, starting the disease. It is much better to cure just starting caries, preventing the development of pulpitis and tooth decay.

But what if you are afraid of a drill like fire? Forget about your fear, it is long out of date! Modern technologies in dentistry allow you to save the patient from problems with teeth without pain and any discomfort.

The latest and increasingly popular method of treatment, prevention and whitening of teeth is laser dentistry. With the use of a laser in dentistry, fear and pain during dental treatment are a thing of the past – as well as the likelihood of re-inflammation.

Laser dentistry is a non-contact and painless treatment method. It creates the most comfortable both physical and psychological conditions for the doctor and the patient. It is easy to guess that in this type of dental treatment, the impact on the teeth is made using a laser beam.

The work of a dental laser is based on such a selection of the length of the emitted light, which would be most effective for the treatment or prevention of diseases of our oral cavity.

The light radiation used in the laser is not constant, it is supplied in pulses, so you should pay attention to the modernity of the equipment used.

Current lasers can not only remove damaged tooth tissue, but also disinfect, reduce bleeding and coagulate the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

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Dental prosthetics

However, even the most professional treatment of caries or pulpitis is sometimes simply not enough. This usually happens when we seek medical help late.

There can be many reasons for this, ranging from ordinary fear to workload. However, the ever-increasing pain sooner or later still leads us to the dentist’s chair.

What to do when it’s too late to treat a tooth, but you don’t want to lose it forever?

Modern dentistry offers us a wide range of approaches to dental prosthetics. Prostheses and implants created using the latest technologies are absolutely indistinguishable and invisible not only to others, but often to the patients themselves.

How to navigate the variety of methods of dental prosthetics and make the right choice?

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Dental implants

The most modern method of dental prosthetics is implantation. What it is? What are the advantages of implantation over other methods? How to choose the right dental clinic for treatment?

To these and other questions the doctor of medical sciences, professor, surgeon-implantologist of dentistry “Aristocrat-Dent” Alexey Igorevich Bychkov answers.

– Alexey Igorevich, what is the difference between implantation and more archaic methods of prosthetics?

Suppose a patient is missing one tooth and wants to have a prosthesis. If you do it the old fashioned way, then you need to grind two adjacent teeth, remove the nerves, fill the canals and make a bridge. Thus, the prosthesis rests on the adjacent turned teeth.

In fact, during the procedure, neighboring teeth are simply killed, become dead. It is believed that because of this they then fall out faster. Restoring one tooth, a person runs the risk of losing three at once after a while.

Yes, but fortunately there is an alternative. You can not spoil neighboring healthy teeth, but put an implant.

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Teeth whitening

You can often encounter such a problem: the teeth seem to be healthy, but they do not look very presentable – the enamel has acquired an unpleasant shade, darkened or turned yellow. Smoking, age, and some diseases also affect …

But you really want to see yourself as the owner of a Hollywood pearl miracle smile! With modern teeth whitening technology, the dream is no longer just a dream – it becomes a reality! So, what are the most popular whitening methods these days?

The most effective whitening method is ZOOM 3, a new dental development that has gained immense popularity among patients of dental clinics. It is based on the use of a special whitening gel.

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Summing up, we can say with confidence: there is practically nothing impossible for modern dentistry!

If you love yourself, take care of your body with joy and love, then dental professionals will become your faithful allies in preserving and increasing your health and beauty for many years to come.

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