Duchess peers: why Kate Middleton lost the “age battle” Meghan Markle

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Kate or Megan?

Kate Middleton is objectively good. The wife of Prince William has regular, delicate features, luxurious hair and enviable harmony. If Meghan Markle, who gave birth to her first child in May, has not yet completely got rid of extra pounds, then Kate manages to get in shape after giving birth in just a few months. Having given birth to three children in six years, she boasts a girlish waist. And judging by her mother, she will retain a slender figure even after sixty.

According to numerous ratings, Kate is loved at home much more than Meghan Markle. She always looks perfect, follows the protocol, never says too much, is not seen in fabulous spending – the ideal wife of the future king.

But she also has detractors. They continually note that the 38-year-old Duchess of Cambridge supposedly looks older than her years. In the photo of the paparazzi, you can see crow’s feet around her eyes, wrinkles on her forehead and emerging nasolabial folds. But the prince’s wife can afford the most expensive care. What is it: a reflection of the daily worries of a mother of many children, or is genetics to blame?

Meghan Markle on the background of Kate Middleton looks much more relaxed. In almost all paparazzi photos (we don’t take front doors into account), she sincerely smiles. Prince Harry’s wife is, in principle, more open and sociable, used to working in front of cameras and has all the skills of self-presentation. She does not hesitate to speak in public, uses every opportunity to speak out. Kate public speeches are much more difficult, she is embarrassed and does not hide it.

Meghan Markle has only one child so far, she does not “bend” under the standards of life of the royal family, but manages to dictate her own terms. Like all African American women, she has dense skin, there are no wrinkles around the eyes or nasolabial folds on her face.

What affects aging?

A number of factors, including the shape of the skull, facial expressions, lifestyle, weight jumps and even posture.

“The shape of the skull of Kate Middleton is more oblong than Meghan Markle. And wide and rounded face shapes keep youth longer. Megan’s powerful lower jaw testifies to her physical abilities and high resistance to stress. Meghan Markle’s African roots add to her genetics. Megan has firmer skin compared to Kate’s.

Kate Middleton’s facial muscles look tense. This may be due to the psycho-emotional state of the woman. For example, if we often clench our lips and jaw, squint and tense our face as a whole, then sooner or later, due to muscle spasm, facial tissues do not receive the necessary nutrients. As a result, the skin becomes dull and thinner. Lips lose their natural volume. A layer of subcutaneous fat protects the skin from premature aging. And if the face loses weight, then the skin can age prematurely. Meghan Markle has a fuller face – unlike Kate Middleton, she is not so thin.

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Lifestyle also matters. Megan regularly practices yoga, and, as she herself said in an interview, she does facial exercises. This will allow Markle to prolong youth.

The birth of three children, according to the expert, also left a mark on the state of Kate Middleton’s face. We have no doubt that she has enough housewives, but raising three children requires endurance and strength. “Please note that Meghan Markle does not have the nasolabial wrinkles that Kate Middleton has already shown. This is due to the height of the filtrum on the face (filtrum or philtrum is a small depression under the nose) and pronounced cheekbones.

Thus, if we analyze the genetics and lifestyle of the two duchesses, Megan, according to the expert, was more fortunate. Kate, on the other hand, is advised to relax more, and in her care to focus on hardware methods for moisturizing the skin. However, who said that Kate does nothing?

After all, we remember the relatively recent statement of the doctor of the London clinic Dr. Medi Spa (near Kensington Palace) about Kate resorting to “childish”, minimal doses of Botox. The institution’s Instagram even posted a before and after photo: on one, the duchess with a worried expression and wrinkles on her forehead, on the other, her skin is flawless. True, the photo disappeared very quickly, and Kensington Palace said that the doctor’s words were “an unequivocal lie.”

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