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During Lent, many of us refrain from wholesome nutrition, eating only light foods and refusing fatty and dairy foods. But now the Great Easter is coming – which means that soon the time will come to break the fast with all sorts of goodies, which it is simply impossible to refuse. How to make sure that such an abundance of food does not harm your body, which was cleansed during fasting? And you just need to listen to our advice, and your health will be all right.

Since ancient times, Christians have had such a custom – on the night of the Resurrection of Christ, after the festive service, break the fast (eat quick food) with Easter cake, Easter and eggs consecrated in the church. This holiday in Russia has always been awaited with special impatience. We bought all kinds of products in advance, then to celebrate it in a big way.

Really, Easter table has no taboos: on it you can see Easter cakes in snow-white hats, and fragrant women, and cottage cheese Easter, and painted eggs, and chicken, and baked ham, and roast veal, and other original dishes that are usually served on this day. And all this: restriction in food during Great Lent, culinary efforts before Easter, breaking the fast on Easter night make the Resurrection of Christ one of the most “delicious” holidays. So it was in the old days, these traditions have been preserved among Orthodox Christians even now.

In general, people who fasted act very wisely, because, in addition to mental, fasting also gives them bodily cleansing, which is very beneficial for health. The fact that fasting is beneficial has long been known to everyone. But our Russian nature has not yet learned how to break the fast. We are ready, pardon the expression, to “run into” from the heart, and only then come what may.

And there will be such unpleasant things as intestinal discomfort and heaviness in the stomach. It turns out that they cleaned, cleansed their body of toxins, besides, they removed a few extra pounds, and now go on a diet again and swallow expensive medicines in order to normalize the gastrointestinal tract? This is wrong both from a medical point of view and from the point of view of maintaining a figure for the upcoming beach season, so you need to competently approach such a process as breaking the fast. And for this, when gathering at the Easter table, pay special attention to the food you eat, because, having been saturated beyond measure with the long-awaited herring, chicken, testicles, you can thoroughly undermine your body.

It is better to invite guests for Easter to yourself, although it is expensive, but you can cook culinary masterpieces yourself at your own discretion. It is best to use low-calorie foods so that the body gradually gets used to good nutrition. So, excluding animal fats from your diet during fasting and replacing them with vegetable oils, continue in the same spirit, frying chicken or meat in olive oil for the festive table. Prepare salads from vegetables, dressing them not with high-calorie mayonnaise, but with the same olive oil. And fruit salads (if there are any for dessert) are best done not with cream or sour cream, but with low-fat yogurt.

At the table, eat more fish and seafood (shrimp, crabs, squid) – they are very rich in protein and other useful trace elements, and therefore they can quickly and permanently saturate you. Eat more fiber-rich foods: cabbage salads, fresh cucumbers; oranges are the best thing you can come up with during this period.

You have to be more careful with liquids. Of course, on a holiday you want to drink. Just keep in mind that alcohol whets your appetite, and you don’t need it. It is better to drink more mineral water, and from alcoholic beverages, give preference to dry wines – this is a lesser evil compared to more strong drinks.

But if you didn’t save yourself and overate out of habit and feel obvious discomfort in the gastrointestinal tractthen do not despair, but quickly get down to business.

First, drink a few tablets of activated charcoaland at night eat a couple apples.

Secondly, you will need, oddly enough, regular serum. This valuable product will help you quickly rid your body of toxins and toxins. If you drink a glass of whey on this day, then you will not need to resort to expensive medications to get rid of discomfort in the digestive tract.

Thirdly, Self-massage will also help speed up the metabolic process. Pinch yourself from the bottom up, or you can use special massagers – plastic or rubber rollers with wheels, spikes and other devices. And finally, the next day, immediately arrange a fasting day for yourself, and everything will be in order.

And one more piece of advice: before putting another piece of Easter cake or fried beef into your mouth, think about your health, learn to control your body. For some reason, all our lives we care about how to feed ourselves deliciously, and therefore we ourselves are to blame for many of our sores. Indeed, during the fast, our body was cleansed, began to work better, and this makes people feel both lighter and healthier. So why fill it again with various slags, aggravating the already poor health of many people caused by spring beriberi? Take pity on yourself and your body, and then it will thank you with excellent health and good mood. And for this it is worth giving up a lot.


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