Easy fun! 5 secrets to always have a great mood

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Well-groomed, self-confident, energetic, independent, impeccable… The image of a successful girl and woman is often presented one-sidedly – a kind of iron lady with an organizer and a smartphone or netbook in her hands. Her day is scheduled to the minute, and there is no place for various ladies’ “weaknesses” in it: communication with girlfriends, reading magazines, desserts, another dress, bag and shoes in the wardrobe, bought for the sake of a fashionable whim. However, you must admit that there should be innocent little pleasures in our lives! They make it more complete, bright, harmonious, because the mood from such moments when you indulge yourself invariably improves. We are ready to share the secrets that will allow you to feel only joy and other positive emotions.

Communication in social networks

Most people around the world start and end their day by reading a friend feed. When too much time is spent on social networks, work and household chores “slow down”, when there is not enough time, there is a hunger for news from the life of friends, new impressions, interesting information. Time management experts advise setting yourself a daily limit for such communication, not exceeding an hour. Individuals with a particularly strong will limit themselves to 15 minutes a day!

Self massage

The simple ability to independently perform a light massage is a very useful and pleasant habit. Like a contrast shower in the morning, self-massage increases the tone of the body, and then self-esteem and confidence in its attractiveness. Even the usual procedure for applying cream can be made into a real massage if you give yourself a little more time and attention. If the movements are not performed energetically, but in the form of strokes and light touches, such a massage will help to relax and unwind, to fully restore strength.

Light pleasure with taste

Delicate dessert and pleasure from it each time elevate us to the pinnacle of bliss, return us to a fairy tale of childhood, help to distract from business, to feel happier, free, carefree. It is this delight in taste that can be experienced with every spoonful of the new Danissimo Tiramisu and Danissimo Cherry-chocolate curds. Air curds combine all the benefits of dairy products and the exquisite pleasure of popular dessert flavors. If you adore the legendary Italian cake and juicy cherries in real chocolate, you will also like the new tender Danissimo curds. They can become part of your breakfast or lunch, lunch break at work or evening meal. Pleasure and tenderness are everywhere with you, if with you Danissimo!

Freshness that is always with you

The habit of carrying a mineral or thermal face spray, light deodorant and cosmetic wipes in your purse will help you out more than once during the day when you want to freshen up. Yes, summer is over, but this mini-arsenal is needed not only as a salvation from the heat. Products with a refreshing effect will help relieve fatigue, correct makeup and quickly put yourself in order, wherever you are: on vacation, at work, on the road, in a cafe, while walking with a child.

From a smile it will become brighter for everyone

Psychologists advise smiling at yourself in the mirror more often, especially when your mood is actually not very good. Don’t want to feel like an actress rehearsing for a boring role? Find a reason to smile sincerely: remember something funny, show off in front of a mirror with a drop of cream on your nose, stroke your pet. How it works? Smiling tricks the brain into re-evaluating the situation and accepting it as if you actually have something to be happy about. This habit helps to keep your mood at the desired positive degree and get rid of stress.

Live easy, enjoy every moment. And may you have a great many secrets of a wonderful attitude towards yourself and the world!

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