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Winter this year did not particularly indulge us with blizzards, frosts and snowstorms. But meanwhile, people still do not avoid such seasonal diseases as tonsillitis and flu. Someone is more fortunate with health, and he has never gotten sick, and someone has already suffered these unpleasant colds several times. So, for the latter, we offer a set of measures to restore their body weakened by the disease.

In general, the disease with its debilitating symptoms (suffocating hysterical cough, high fever, runny nose), and even taking all kinds of potions and medicines, brings a person to such a state that he experiences a breakdown, his immunity decreases, which means that he will not be able to next time to resist the surging disease, God forbid, of course. And therefore, it is necessary to take such radical measures that could restore the body undermined by the disease, so that it gains strength and vitality.

Nowadays, especially in big cities with poor ecology, people “swallow” microbes much more than, say, in rural areas. In addition, the situation is aggravated by the fact that malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, constant medication reduce the protective properties of the body. So, in order not to finish off the body completely, it is necessary for prevention to perform such simple but effective procedures as washing the throat with infusions of herbs. And also general strengthening treatment will not interfere: hardening, physiotherapy exercises, vitamins, food rich in calcium.

Since we are talking about proper nutrition, it is very important to say here that the leading place in strengthening immunity is played, among other things, copper and zinc. So, copper is found in large quantities in buckwheat, nuts, beef liver and even chocolate. And zinc is rich in sunflower seeds, oatmeal, seafood.

Very quickly restore our undermined body and all kinds of vitamins. So, vitamin Ethe most powerful antioxidant, is found in oils: olive, sunflower, corn, as well as peanuts and hazelnuts. Vitamin B12 The “building block” of the immune system is found in large quantities in beans, greens, cabbage, tangerines and herring. Therefore, prepare dishes consisting of these products, and they will strengthen your body.

Diet also plays a big role. Thus, the doctors determined that people who do not forget about breakfast recover faster from illness than those who limit themselves to a cup of coffee. It is especially useful to eat muesli or cereals in the morning: copper and zinc, as we have already said, are necessary to maintain a normal immune system. Instead of tea, drink rosehip infusion, rich in vitamin C. And do not forget the lemon. This southern fruit has a high content of ascorbic acid, a powerful antioxidant.

Onions also have undoubted advantages, which, regardless of whether your cold has passed or not, it is necessary to consume one onion per day, and garlic (two slices per day). By the way, special mention must be made of the last miracle healer. In order not to get sick again, in order to prevent use only fresh garlic (with heat treatment or long-term storage, the therapeutic effect disappears).

To strengthen the body after an illness, it is useful to prepare all kinds of vitamin teas.

For example, it is very effective in terms of raising immunity. chokeberry tea: 2 tbsp. l. Pour dry crushed berries in a thermos with 2 cups of boiling water (close the thermos with a cork only after 20 minutes), leave the tea for 4-5 hours and strain. Drink it as needed.

In the same way, you can cook dried raspberry, rosehip, lime blossom tea. For a more complete effect, you can squeeze lemon juice there and put a spoonful of honey.

And such a general strengthening tea will help to recover from the disease in a matter of days: rowanberry fruits – 5 hours, rose hips – 3 hours, nettle leaf – 2 hours. Grind and mix everything. 2 tbsp. l. brew the mixture with 0.5 liters of boiling water and boil in a water bath for 10 minutes, insist in a thermos for 4 hours, and then strain. Before use, add 2 tsp. honey in a glass of infusion. Drink one glass 2 times a day instead of tea.

In addition to the above folk remedies, all kinds of chemicals such as rimantadine, arbidol. And it is necessary to maintain immunity with complex vitamins, such as undevit, revit, hexavit; interferon and drugs that enhance its production in the body – dibazol, chimes. It is also useful to take adaptogens of plant origin (eleutherococcus extract, aralia tincture, etc.).

But we emphasize once again that not a single tablet can replace a good wholesome diet, which should include oil, meat, fish, cereals, an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. “But how can you afford such a luxury in the winter season?” many will say. This situation can be corrected by regularly taking multivitamins or including fortified foods in the diet.

With multivitamins, everything is simple – you ate a pill or dragee and you don’t have to worry. Many choose this path. The problem is that multivitamin preparations are not cheap. In addition, many people may develop an allergy to coloring, flavoring and aromatic additives that are necessarily present in tablets and dragees. This is where fortified foods come to the rescue.

What can we choose in our stores? Now all kinds of fortified dairy products have appeared: milk, yoghurts, curd mass. Such products cover more than half of the daily requirement of our body in all twelve vitamins! And how many different drinks: with calcium, and with magnesium, and with iron, on fructose. It comes out cheaper than juice in packages. And certainly more useful. Especially for a weakened body.

Therefore, eat better, play sports, and then no pathogenic bacteria will be able to penetrate your healthy and strong body at all.


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