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How does eczema manifest itself?

Eczema is characterized, as mentioned above, by the manifestation of blisters, itching, burning, peeling. People who have been living with the disease for years note that skin lesions return at times when immunity is weakened and a person lives in a state of stress for a long time. Although experts note that the exact mechanisms for the occurrence of eczema have not been studied, they distinguish the following risk factors:

  • allergic diseases;

  • neuroendocrine diseases;

  • immunological diseases;

  • intestinal dysbiosis, gallbladder disease;

  • kidney disease;

  • chronic stress;

  • contact with skin irritating agents (applies to people working in certain conditions, in production).

What exacerbates the disease

Eczema can be exacerbated by the time of year: in winter, the disease is often activated by wearing warm clothes and dry indoor air. In the spring, an allergy to flowering can intensify the course of the disease. Frequent contact with household chemicals and allergies to a number of products can contribute.

Eczema manifests itself in open areas of the body. Fluid-filled blisters form in the center of the rash. They itch unbearably, when they are opened, areas are formed with a richly weeping surface that cannot be wetted. Gradually, the affected area dries up, coarsens and flakes off. In general, there is little good, to put it mildly. The good news is that remission periods can be long. Maxim Averin has just such a case. The disease comes back periodically, less recently.

“Now this eczema only sometimes, when I am especially nervous, can appear on my legs. But I already know how to deal with it, ”said the actor. We also add that the disease is not contagious.

How are eczema and stress related?

Most often, eczema occurs in patients with dry skin, atopic dermatitis, in those who suffered from diathesis in childhood; also, eczema can manifest itself as an occupational disease (in people who often work with water – nurses, etc.) due to neglect of care products. Heredity, the presence of chronic diseases are important in this matter. For example, atopic dermatitis. In “atopics” eczema occurs quite often, as well as in allergy sufferers, patients with gastrointestinal problems, and diabetes.

Any chronic diseases, including skin diseases, are exacerbated by emotional stress. Against the background of stress, the disease manifests itself brighter. The calmer we are, the less chance there is for eczema. What therapy is there? Eczema most often does not heal completely. It is very important to use care products, to avoid direct contact with detergents and chemicals, it is necessary to use gloves (and during an exacerbation, it is generally better to limit such contacts). After any contact with water, moisturizers should be used, it is important to do this when dry hands occur.

Prevention of eczema

Faced with any chronic dermatoses (which include eczema), we can talk not about a cure, but about periods of remission (they can be long – from several months to several years). Antihistamines and topical therapy with hormonal creams containing corticosteroids are indicated for most patients with eczema. If the disease is severe, you need to take medicines inside. But such a technique is always discussed with the doctor strictly individually.

There is also the prevention of eczema. It includes all the same use of external (moisturizing) products, avoidance of contact with irritating substances (for example, allergens, if the patient is allergic), a balanced diet and correction of the psycho-emotional background.


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