Efremov, Lolita, Guzeeva and other stars who struggled with alcohol addiction

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Nikita Efremov

The youngest representative in our today’s selection. The 33-year-old son of Mikhail Efremov inherited his addiction to alcohol from his famous grandfather and father. In an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, the actor said that in society, in principle, there is a romanticization of the image of an actor with a glass in his hand. He himself first tasted alcohol while still at school summer camp. The profession contributed to the development of passion: premieres and parties are not complete without champagne and stronger drinks. It got to the point that young Efremov came to the shooting drunk, disrupting the work of the entire film crew. He paid a fine, promising that the situation would not happen again, but he did not hold back his words. Now he recalls that alcohol was a consolation for him, in order to come to a normal state, he would certainly want to drink.

The actor was saved by a meeting with Maria Ivakova, who follows the principles of a healthy lifestyle, does not drink alcohol, practices yoga and believes in the lunar calendar. Efremov and Ivakova have been dating for several years, and during this time, the artist’s friends say, he has changed. Now you rarely see him at parties with a glass in his hand. Getting rid of alcohol addiction is not at all easy, but the son of Mikhail Efremov did it. The actor’s father also contributed to this, who, while drunk, became the culprit of a fatal accident and is serving time in a colony.

Larisa Guzeeva

The sharp-tongued TV presenter has long admitted that she is addicted to alcohol. She became addicted to him at the age of 25, the film “Rivals” with her just came out on the screens. At that time, the beautiful actress met an assistant operator, whom she soon married. The husband was fond of not only alcohol, but also drugs. Guzeeva began to drink in order, on the one hand, to annoy her husband, on the other hand, so that he would get less … An endless series of parties and Guzeeva’s addictive nature contributed to the development of addiction. She began to be reflected in the work and her relationships with loved ones. To end addiction, Guzeeva coded. But her husband, despite all the courses of treatment, could not cope with addiction – he was found dead in the park in the morning, he died from a drug overdose.

Dana Borisova

Alcohol addiction has ruined more than one career. And here the story of Dana Borisova can serve as an example. The TV presenter was at the peak of her popularity when she became addicted to alcohol. At some point, the publication spread around a video in which Borisova had difficulty talking and moving. It became clear that Dana had big problems with alcohol. The telediva explained this by difficulties with a career that had come to a standstill. The glory of the “Army Store” was left behind, Borisova continued to work on another channel as a presenter, asking the stars questions at secular parties, but it became clear that this format had exhausted itself.

And soon the TV presenter began to have problems with drugs. Her mother sounded the alarm when she learned that her daughter was using illegal substances in front of her child. Borisova became the heroine of the show by Andrei Malakhov, who paid for the treatment of a friend in a rehabilitation center in Thailand.

Borisova, it seems, was able to survive the acute phase of addiction with the help of specialists, but the problems did not decrease: lack of work, a difficult relationship with her teenage daughter and ex-husband.


“Woman without complexes” never hid that she had problems with alcohol. A few years ago, she openly called herself an alcoholic. According to Lolita, such recognition is worth a lot, because most people who are addicted to alcohol cannot say this. And if a person denies the existence of an addiction, it is impossible to overcome it. Lolita notes that she can still be seen periodically with a portion of whiskey in her hand, but she does not see anything criminal in this. The singer even passed a DNA test for the presence of the alcoholism gene as part of one TV show – it was not found in her. Lolita also had a drug addiction, and it was much more difficult to overcome it. But the resolute singer coped with her – a real fighter.

Irina Allegrova

“The Crazy Empress” talked about her addiction in the show “Alone with Everyone”. The singer began to seek salvation in a glass when she experienced the collapse of her marriage and problems in her career. It seemed that if he drinks, it will become easier. This is a fairly typical story that many addicts tell. As you know, alcohol gives only the illusion that it becomes easier. In fact, an addiction is formed, which is then increasingly difficult to get rid of.

Grigory Leps

The author of the hit “A glass of vodka on the table” spoke more than once about his difficult relationship with alcohol. It is pointless to deny the existence of a problem, the audience sometimes saw their favorite artist on stage, obviously drunk, and the wife admitted that once the singer was brought to life already in intensive care. Leps himself explains: there are many temptations in show business. It is now in trend a healthy lifestyle, and in the 90s it was fashionable to relieve stress with the help of alcohol and not only. According to Leps, he can drink alone, or maybe in the company. And if earlier he felt sympathy for strong drinks, then with age he fell in love with wine. I am sure that one glass will definitely not hurt anyone, the main thing is to stop in time …

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