Endometriosis: main symptoms and treatments

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Endometriosis is a condition when endometrial cells or tissues related to them (according to one of the theories of the development of endometriosis) are outside the uterus and are found on the ovaries (most often), fallopian tubes, peritoneum, on the cervix or climb into its muscular layer (the presence of endometrioid foci in muscular layer of the uterus is called adenomyosis).

Endometrial cells, even with such atypical “settlement”, go through all the changes in accordance with the menstrual cycle: they grow and thicken in the first phase, are rejected at the end of the cycle, and this leads to inflammatory processes in those tissues where they are located. Therefore, the main, most common symptom of endometriosis is pain, and pain can radiate to the bladder, rectum and lumbosacral region.

That is, what seems to you to be cystitis, hemorrhoids, and even sciatica, in fact, may turn out to be endometriosis. That is why for any pain in the pelvis and lower back, a consultation with a gynecologist is necessary.

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Symptoms of endometriosis

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