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Myths about pediculosis

Pediculosis is a disease with which many myths are associated. The main one is the myth about the uncleanliness of carriers. Allegedly, lice appear due to non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. But this is not so: like any parasites, lice are transmitted to a healthy person from an infected person. So theoretically anyone can get infected. Most often, the danger is posed by public places and large crowds of people, for example, hairdressers, swimming pools, saunas.

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It is believed that children are most susceptible to the disease. It’s right. But again, it is explained not by the peculiarities of children’s organisms, but by the peculiarities of children’s behavior: children are in closer contact. They may sit staring at the same tablet with their heads touching closely. They easily change hats and butt foreheads. Adults don’t behave like that. Therefore, an outbreak of the disease is so often observed in kindergartens, schools and camps. Lice cannot be transmitted by shaking hands. The fact that they are able to jump from one person to another is nothing more than a myth. They don’t have wings. There is an opinion that pediculosis develops in people with low immunity or in a situation of stress. But this is not entirely true either. The weakening of the body’s defenses, of course, is one of the factors that increases the risk of any disease. But in the case of pediculosis, this is definitely not the main reason. If in stress you did not put your head on the shoulder to the carrier of lice, then pediculosis has nowhere to come from.

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