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Doing the same work day after day, it becomes more difficult for us to focus on the new: memory weakens, concentration of attention falls, and some things remain completely incomprehensible … To prevent this from happening, the brain needs to be trained. “Women’s Passions” talk about the technique of neuroscience.

Memory can be trained!

Neurobics is mental gymnastics, aerobics for the brain, aimed at improving mental activity. The term was coined by Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin from the USA. They also developed a special mental exercise.

Everyone needs to do neuroscience: children – in order to learn to concentrate and assimilate new materials; adults – to keep their brain in good shape and prevent memory deterioration.

Mental abilities deteriorate because the connection between the nerve cells of the brain worsens. It used to be thought that once a failed brain cell is not restored, but now this statement has been refuted. It turns out that nerve cells, as well as brain cells, can be restored during regular mental training. It is for these purposes that neuroscience was developed.

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memory training

Charging for the brain is very simple, but at the same time incredibly effective. Exercises do not require special training and a certain amount of time – they can be done anywhere and anytime: at home, on the way to work, at lunchtime, standing at the stove and even while taking a bath.

With regular training, some exercises will become part of your life, which will only benefit.

Go where you have never been before or where you go very rarely. It could be a new big park or a jewelry store in the neighborhood.

Buy bottles of essential oils or any scented items. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, inhale a new smell – this will “wake up” the brain.

In the evening, do not turn on the light in the apartment – walk around the rooms from memory. This exercise will increase attention and concentration. You can also take a shower with your eyes closed. Since you can’t see anything, other senses are sharply activated.

Brush your teeth not with your working hand, but with the one that is less active: if you are right-handed, brush your teeth with your left hand, if you are left-handed, with your right.

Wear different things. Scientists have proven that depending on the clothes of a person, not only his feelings change, but also his way of thinking.

Mastering braille and sign language is difficult, but the ability to read and speak with your fingers will greatly develop your senses. In sign language, it is enough to learn standard communication phrases: greetings, simple questions, answers.

Go to work (to the store) on a new, unfamiliar road. Even if the new path is longer, it’s okay. This will not only have a positive effect on brain function, but also help maintain harmony.

Be more confident in yourself. Even if you are offered a job that you are not very good at, take it. The brain fires up quickly when you don’t know exactly what to do.

Answer standard questions in a non-standard way. Even to the question “how are you?” you can answer with dozens of different phrases – give up stereotypes.

Learn to distinguish between coins of different denominations only with your fingers. Exercise is useful to do when you are waiting for someone or something. Time goes faster and the wait becomes less tedious.

Choose those magazines and newspapers that you usually do not pay attention to. For example, if you’re into fashion, buy an economics magazine. Do you like to read about travel and other countries? Give preference to an animal magazine. It is not necessary to get carried away with something new, it is enough to change the subject of what you are reading from time to time.

Turn off the sound of the TV and, while looking at the picture, try to reproduce the dialogue or monologue. If you do this exercise with friends, it will turn out to be very comical and interesting.

If you usually spend your weekends in the city, next time go to nature. Don’t like listening to music? Go to a music concert – you will get a lot of new sensations. Even if you don’t like it at all, you can leave.

This exercise can be done on a day off. If you usually do everything slowly, try to speed up the pace by 2 times. If you can’t sit still for even a minute, force yourself to do everything slowly. It requires a lot of concentration.

Coming up with new jokes and anecdotes is very entertaining and good for the brain. This not only stimulates mental activity, but also develops the ability to think creatively.

For example, if a stranger is introduced to you, say their name to yourself and tell yourself to remember it. So you unconsciously transfer this information to the status of more important.

Try to imagine how the person whose name you need to remember can be useful to you in the future? The search for motivation will stimulate the brain, and it will be easier to remember the name.

Pick 10 things that won’t move in your home or office. Remember them in a certain sequence (for this you need to identify a pattern). In the future, when you need to memorize a list, associate each item on the list with those items. When you need to remember the list, just go over the 10 selected items with your eyes.

This most directly activates memory and develops associative thinking. It will become easier to memorize not only foreign words, but also facts from everyday life that previously required constant reminders.

To get started, learn the phone numbers, including cell phones, of those with whom you communicate most often. Then start memorizing the numbers of less important people. Look at the number, look away, repeat the numbers to yourself – and so on until the number is completely remembered.

In the future, unnecessary phones will be forgotten due to uselessness, and this is normal. The main thing is to keep the information in memory for at least a few days.

Yes, this is possible! The technique is also very simple, but it will improve the intellectual ability in a short time.

One of the simplest and most effective exercises. During deep breathing, the body relaxes, and more oxygen begins to flow to the brain. Brain activity is equally effectively improved by relaxation and a large amount of oxygen in the blood. And you need to breathe only through the nose. You can learn how to relax and breathe deeply using meditation.

These are special psychological exercises. They are developed individually for each person and require control. Therefore, autohypnosis is advised only with a specialist, at least at the initial stage.

This posture will allow you to focus and think more “healthy”. Experiment: first solve some mathematical problem in your mind, sitting in a chair slouching and with your mouth open, and then straightening up, with your mouth closed. You will immediately see the difference.

Physical exercise is enough to get blood flowing to the brain. A small charge will “wake up” the brain and activate its activity. Walking is best, but simple exercises on the spot (squats, jumping jacks) may be enough.

Eat Ginkgo

It has been proven that this plant increases blood circulation in the brain, improves memory and concentration even after a single dose.

drink coffee

Studies have shown that coffee, as well as other caffeinated beverages, can increase the speed at which solutions are found. The effect is temporary, but you can drink coffee every day.

Eliminate Sugar

This product, on the contrary, complicates the thought process due to the large amount of carbohydrates. If you need to maintain clarity of mind, for example, before an important business meeting, it is also not recommended to eat potatoes and flour products made from white flour.

Try to add more variety to your life! An active life, full of new sensations and emotions, will not let you get bored and keep your mind clear for many years.

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