Express detox at home: how to quickly get in shape

Health Tips

Bath with sea salt and essential oils

Purpose: relaxation

Add 150-200 g of sea salt, 7-10 drops of rosemary or cedar essential oil to a bath with warm water and just lie in it for 20-30 minutes. Sea salt and essential oils remove excess fluid from the body, speed up metabolism, relieve muscle tension and fatigue. Try the elements of meditation – close your eyes, focus on the feeling of warmth, the density of water, the smell of oils.

Detox face mask

Purpose: cleansing

With general intoxication of the body, the skin of the face suffers the most. Indeed, in addition to other negative factors, it is directly affected by insolation, dust, dry air, and various pollutants. If you need to choose a facial detox product, and there is no time, then give preference to clay. This is not a trendy, but still effective remedy, since even in one session, masks from various types of clay (white, pink, blue, red) not only cleanse and gently scrub, but also help heal minor wounds, relieve inflammation and improve turgor skin. At the same time, the process does not take much time – from five (for dry skin) to twenty minutes (for oily), about once a week.

Self-massage with a body brush

Purpose: to cheer up and activate metabolism

The procedure, carried out regularly (a couple of times a week), improves microcirculation and promotes skin detoxification. It is necessary to carry out massage before a shower, on a dry body. Using a loofah or other natural fiber brush, massage the skin in firm, circular motions from the bottom up, avoiding the delicate skin on the neck and face. You can continue the massage while standing in the shower. Finish your water treatments with a cold douche that stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin.

Mind Detox

Purpose: relaxation, concentration

Aim for fifteen minutes of meditation a day. If you don’t know how to meditate, try diaphragmatic breathing: place your palms on your lower abdomen; inhale through the nose, counting slowly to three or four, while the stomach protrudes. Exhale slowly, while drawing in the stomach. Do this for 15 minutes daily. Even business publications give advice to meditate constantly – there is more and more scientific evidence confirming the connection of meditation with career success.

Control of water-salt balance

Purpose: maintaining electrolyte balance, removing toxins, normalizing digestion

Drink at least two liters of fluid daily. It is the basis of detoxification, as well as the preservation of youthful skin. Pure drinking water, fresh vegetable juice, and herbal teas are best for detoxing—these drinks are sugar-free and caffeine-free, so insulin and cortisol levels remain unchanged.

A day on an alkaline diet

Purpose: to improve the acid-base balance of the body

During the day, you need to eat thermally processed alkalizing food. Sample option: warm green vegetable soup three times a day, as well as two liters of clean drinking water without gas. Serving volume – 200 ml. Even one unloading day a week will help to significantly reduce the accumulation of salts, increase the body’s resistance to infections and improve performance.

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