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Strictly speaking, there is only one way to lose weight quickly: spend significantly more calories than you receive. That means eating less and moving more. All other nuances are just a way to make your hunger not so painful. So let’s take a look at the options. You have four weeks to lose weight.

3 sure ways to stay on a diet

long chewing

This method even has a certain scientific basis: by carefully chewing food, you help society. The longer each piece remains in the mouth, the more processed – mechanically and chemically – it enters the stomach and, accordingly, is better absorbed. In addition, the longer you chew, the longer you feel the taste and, accordingly, the longer you do not throw another portion into yourself. And finally, when you eat for a long time, the satiety signal has time to get from the stomach to the brain – and this protects you from overeating. So your minimum load is 32 chewing movements for every piece that gets into your mouth. It is clear that liquid and semi-liquid foods (including juices and smoothies) are excluded in this scenario. The only drink available to you before the New Year is clean water. The water temperature doesn’t matter.

Diuretic Diet

This method allows you to speed up weight loss by getting rid of excess fluid. Ideal for those who are able to give up salt altogether for a month. You need to drink at least one glass of pure water per day for every 10 kg of your initial weight. That is, if you weigh 60 kg, then you drink at least 6 glasses (1.5 liters) of water per day, if you weigh 80, then you need 8 glasses (2 liters). For breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat whatever you want, as long as there is no salt or sugar. As a snack between main meals – fresh pears, oranges, pineapple (in total no more than 600 g per day): they will sweeten your life and help “deflate” your stomach.


A well-known technique, from time to time served as the “English diet”, “Hollywood diet”, “peasant diet”. Pure marketing ploy! The bottom line is that you first get 1200 kcal per day exclusively from plant foods, and then exclusively from animal foods. The optimal alternation is two days. On the one hand, this alternation will not let you get bored: on the first day you will enjoy a new type of food, on the second you will yearn for the next one. On the other hand, you will not suffer from a constant deficiency of certain nutrients: the body will receive everything, but not in one sitting.

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