Facebook building: how to get rid of eyebrows, bags under the eyes and a double chin without spending a single ruble

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When Should You Start Facebook Building?

Some zones need to be worked out already from the age of 16, or even from the age of 12. When a mother sees that her daughter has a mobile facial expression, which can turn into early facial wrinkles over time. I kept wrinkling my forehead. If I knew about such gymnastics at the age of 12, I would certainly begin to practice and do exercises for this zone.

Hypermimicry can be corrected at an early age. I have a number of examples when girls at the age of 20 started doing exercises and lost the habit of wrinkling their foreheads after two weeks. So from the age of twenty you can do basic exercises. The same double chin can be eliminated with the help of Facebook building, too, in two weeks. In practice, a woman begins to practice yoga before her face after thirty years, when the first age-related changes become noticeable.

To help appeared massagers (rollers) for the face, for example, they are jade, rose quartz. This item is useful when there are clamps on the face that are difficult to work with the hands, difficult to massage. But a banal tennis ball may also work. And the best tool is still your hands.

Promised effect

With the help of facebuilding, you can improve skin turgor, complexion, remove mimic wrinkles, sagging skin. Smooth out horizontal wrinkles, remove between the eyebrows, tighten hanging eyelids. You can “erase” crow’s feet, remove nasolacrimal beards and bags under the eyes. In advanced cases, exercise will not be enough – an operation will be needed, but after it, Facebook building will come to the rescue as a means of rehabilitation, a recovery period.

You can also minimize nasolabial creases. The nasolabial fold may not be completely eliminated, but it can go from a fold to a crease. Also, with the help of daily gymnastics, it is really possible to reduce the volume of the cheeks, lift the corners of the mouth, remove the jowls, align the rings of Venus on the neck and make it more elongated and defined.

Regarding the nasolabial folds: the nasolabial triangle is not one muscle, so you need to work on all the muscles of the central part of the face. Someone resorts to the help of fillers to fill in the nasolabial folds. My opinion is the following: the gel used can be unevenly distributed and lie unevenly, in pieces. Therefore, I recommend starting with exercise, and the sooner the better.

Genetics, type of aging and lifestyle

One of the reasons for early aging is too mobile, active facial expressions. Posture affects how our face looks. If your head sags down, imagine how your chin will be. The bite affects the condition of the nasolabial folds. If you neglect sleep, do not go to bed on time – this will certainly affect your face. Stress plays a huge role – lack of strength, constant processing are reflected on the face, especially manifested in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe brow wrinkle. But as soon as a woman begins to relax more, get enough sleep, her facial expressions even out before her eyes. You must have noticed the same.

Even the way you brush your teeth and take off your makeup is important – you can wrinkle terribly with a toothbrush in your hands and stretch your skin every day, removing makeup from your face. I also advise you to study your type of facial aging in order to understand how to correct and take care of yourself. The same age can look different – it depends on genetics, type of aging and lifestyle. You can cite 38-year-old Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle as an example – the second visually looks younger. Meghan has firmer skin and is more relaxed in public. Kate has thin skin and often looks tense.

What can you accustom yourself to every day in order to maintain good shape? After waking up, drink one or two glasses of warm water. Wake up not only the face, but also the body: make a hundred jumps – ideally. Then massage the scalp, massage the ears. Followed by a warm-up for the face: open your eyes, stretch your lips, pronouncing different sounds. We do exercises on our problem areas. There are a lot of materials available now: you can study on your own or go through a ready-made, already specially compiled marathon.

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