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Women continue to dream of plump lips like Angelina Jolie. There is no contradiction here: sensual lips have always been considered sexually attractive. And the owners of naturally thin lips know that no contour pencils, lipsticks and glosses with the so-called 3D effect can add volume (except visually – in the photo). There are other indications: for example, lips lose volume with age, sometimes correction is needed after injuries when scars remain. Then a gel based on hyaluronic acid can come to the rescue. About ten years ago, there were many more manufacturers of such drugs, because the technique fell in price and became available to a much larger number of women. Accessibility has its drawbacks: some ladies, having made several injections, can no longer stop. It seems to them that they need to pin up more here and here … It’s hard to stop, especially when you see another diva with “natural” plump lips on Instagram.

Price matters

What do the experts tell us? The trend for naturalness continues its march. And if you see a girl with “duck” lips, perhaps her sense of taste has simply changed, or she passionately wants to belong to a certain category of young ladies involved in escort. Plastic surgeons say the same thing: patients of a certain category come for unnaturally large breasts. For the most part, everyone wants a natural size. Statement: the work of a plastic surgeon should not be visible, does not lose its relevance.

Artificially synthesized hyaluronic acid is used for lip correction. If there are no other impurities in it, then you can not be afraid of fibrosis later. The drug will naturally “resolve” gradually, it does not circulate in the blood. But if the material is cheap (girls doing the procedure at home or in dubious clinics in pursuit of saving money are in danger), there may be problems. Having studied the websites of the clinics, we see that the procedure for lip correction cannot cost less than 14 thousand rubles in Moscow, the anesthetic gel is paid separately. If you are offered a procedure for five thousand, draw the appropriate conclusions.

If the lips were enlarged with silicone gel, it will have to be surgically removed and then separately adjusted. The operation takes about two hours and is performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon will have to make incisions on the inside and remove the gel, then apply stitches. Rehabilitation will take at least a month. Ekaterina Varnava recently spoke about her bad experience in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak. A Comedy Women participant removed excess gel from her lips, but, according to her, it will never be possible to do this completely, alas.

When should a client be rejected?

“Now many prefer natural lips. If we are talking about aging patients, then they want to make the lip contour a little more pronounced, lift the corners and return the volume lost over the years. If these are young girls, then most often – a request to eliminate asymmetry and add volume. Each doctor, however, like the patient, sees beauty in his own way. For some, large lips are considered beauty, and for others, more natural ones. The main thing here is to choose your doctor. And it is also important that the lips are not a separate component of the face, but look harmonious.

Often, having done it once and seeing a beautiful result, I want to repeat it. All fillers have the ability to dissolve, so over time, the volume of the lips disappears. Some a little earlier, some a little later. The rate of resorption is influenced by factors such as:

  • filler density (a less dense one dissolves faster than a denser one);

  • hyaluronidase enzyme activity;

  • lifestyle (active sports and regular baths, for example, can accelerate the biodegradation process). It is important to understand that someone needs a correction in a year, someone after 6 months, and someone after 1.5 years. Everything is individual.

You should not go on about the patient and make a correction at his request, for example, every two months. I had patients who seemed to be little and little. But so far we have been able to reach an agreement with them. Now there are patients who, on the contrary, want to remove the gel. When there is a search or unsuccessfully made a correction. If the gel is based on hyaluronic acid, then you can remove it. If the correction was made with a biopolymer, then it is more difficult, surgical intervention is required. It is to all patients, girls, that I strongly recommend that you competently approach the choice of a clinic and a specialist, paying attention to the technique of his work, as well as to the materials he uses.


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