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The fashion for a female figure is as changeable as the fashion for clothes. Skinny and plump, wide and narrow hips, small breasts and “dairy farm” were in fashion. The urbanization of life has led to the fact that most of the female population earns their living sitting. Sit all day in the office! And the look will match! Hence the fashion for harmony.

Today, caring for an ideal figure influences many decisions of women, including the choice of a contraceptive method. The “ideal” contraceptive requires not only efficiency, reliability and ease of use, but also the absence of side effects. Today, the contraceptive method that meets all these requirements is the contraceptive pill. Yes, it’s the pills! But what about a slender figure and what to do with the “fear of getting better” while taking pills, you say?

Therefore, it is very important to choose pills that have a minimal effect on the woman’s health, and therefore have no side effects. Consult with a specialist – perhaps your choice is Mercilon.

Mercilon. will help those who are looking for pills that do not affect weight. This is possible due to the minimum dose of hormones and the component desogestrel, which is part of the tablets, which differs in its selectivity (selectivity of action). Desogestrel was first obtained from the Mexican diascarae plant. Researchers have noticed that the women of a Mexican tribe use some kind of plant to prevent pregnancy. Then diascorea began to be used to obtain desogestrel. Over a thousand studies have been done with desogestrel to get pills that do not affect weight. First of all, scientists took care that these pills did not spoil your figure, and, importantly, did not have side effects and did not affect the ability to have children in the future.

If you have a permanent relationship with a partner and you need effective and safe contraception – Mercilon. This is your choice. Mercilon. will help you to maintain a slim figure and health for a long time!

Each woman needs to choose her own remedy, which is suitable for her. Therefore, remember that before you start taking any birth control pills, you need to consult a gynecologist.

Having decided on the choice of birth control pills, you will have to answer one more question: how to learn to be more organized and remember to take these pills on time?

Thinking about the phenomenon of “girl’s memory”, the Mercilonka electronic assistant card was invented, which helps to reduce the likelihood of missing pills.

You can have a Mercilonka with you at home and at work, you can take it with you on trips and travels.

Using it is simple: having determined the time convenient for you, you need to press the button on the card on the first day of taking the pills, and that’s it. Mercilonka will do the rest herself. Every day, exactly at the agreed hour, the card will remind you with a sound signal that it is time to take a pill.

Studies show that among women who used Mercilonka, who did not miss a single pill for 3 months, more than 30 percent more than in the group that did not use an electronic card.

Mercilon can be received as a gift by purchasing 3 packs of Mercilon in a special gift box at the pharmacy.

But not only. Mercilonka can also be received as a gift by participating in the program “Merciline – your line of health”

Specialists will advise on the individual selection of contraception (using specially designed computer programs) and give recommendations on nutrition that may be useful to you before the upcoming holidays. All program participants are waiting for gifts from Mercyline.

You can also get information about the program and ask any questions you are interested in (female) specialists of the Mercyline telephone line.

Mercyline is a specialized line for contraception and women’s health, which is open from 15-00 to 23-00 Moscow time. All calls are free and anonymous.

Tel. For Moscow – 960-2999 or for Russia 8-800 200-0020

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