Female hormones in men and male hormones in women: what do they affect

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The function of hormones is to be regulators, that is, to maintain the dynamic balance of various systems in the body. Hormones can be protein-peptide (these include insulin, hypothalamic and pituitary hormones), derivatives of amino acids (adrenaline) or fatty acids (steroids).

sex hormones

Sex hormones are produced by the sex glands: the ovaries in women and the testicles in men and are the main elements of the reproductive system.

Male hormones (androgens, testosterone) provide a male body type, muscle mass, sexual characteristics, a low voice, male-type hair.

Female hormones (estrogens and gestagen) provide a feminine type of figure, breast growth, lactation, development of internal genital organs, and also help to bear a fetus during pregnancy and are responsible for less hair on the body.

However, nature provided something else when creating men and women: it added hormones of the opposite sex to their sex hormones.

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