Female polygamy and its consequences

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The sexual revolution made men and women equal. Relationships became freer, and a woman got the opportunity not to be limited to one partner for life. However, a curious fact: according to research by the British University of Durham, not all women are satisfied with the right to polygamy. So, as many as 54% of women regret that they agreed to have sex on the first date.

Of course, when we are young, we want to plunge into the world of feelings and emotions with our heads: and if we love, then to the fullest and without looking back. Probably not otherwise. But not always, agreeing to a close relationship immediately and without hesitation, then the woman feels comfortable.

In the morning after a stormy night of love, women often feel “used” and worry about their reputation, while men are very proud of their love affairs. They regret only in cases where they have chosen an unattractive partner.

The point is not at all that women see in every man with whom they agree to have sexual intercourse, a potential husband. According to a study published in the journal Human Nature, the female half of humanity simply prefers quality over quantity.

However, one way or another, no matter what emotions we experience, casual dates, sex on the first date happen. Scientists, in turn, explain this by a change in the menstrual cycle, which affects sexual arousal.

During the ovulation period, between the tenth and eighteenth days of the cycle, women’s sexual desire increases and they are prone to casual short-term relationships.

Gynecologists warn that it is during this period that the highest probability of fertilization and accidental pregnancy is. It is imperative to use protective equipment.

However, we completely lose our heads when a man appears on the horizon with whom we have attraction, mutual feelings. We are completely drawn into this kind of marathon of love: warm and pleasant walks together, tender words and such hot intimate relationships.

The whole world is filled with new colors, everything is wonderful, but the main thing in this euphoria is not to forget about protection and elementary means of protection. After all, neither you nor your chosen one may be ready for a qualitatively different stage of the relationship: the birth of a child. This is a serious step that involves a high level of responsibility, and it must be done consciously.

Fortunately there is modern contraception, which allows us to live life to the fullest, to enjoy the joy of intimacy, without fear of undesirable consequences for which we are not ready. Types of contraception can be very varied.

Of course, do not forget about such a means of protection as condoms. However, they, unfortunately, do not protect 100%: sometimes unforeseen situations occur when this method of protection may turn out to be unreliable.

The beautiful half of humanity, that is, you and me, must be able to take care of our own safety: it is not worth shifting all the responsibility for your health completely onto men’s shoulders.

Benatex will provide reliable contraceptive protection and prevention of sexually transmitted infections. Benatex is a modern non-hormonal contraceptive with high antimicrobial activity.

The reliability of the contraceptive action of the drug is ensured by a dual mechanism of action: Benatex immobilizes and destroys spermatozoa and, like a condom, creates a mechanical barrier that prevents the penetration of spermatozoa into the uterine cavity and makes fertilization impossible.

Besides, “Benatex” has not only a contraceptive property, but also an antimicrobial effect: it has a detrimental effect on fungal diseases of an intimate nature and prevents such sexual diseases as gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc.

Benatex, which is very important, protects us, the fairer sex, gently and carefully. Candles “Benatex” do not harm the beneficial microflora of the vagina and do not affect the hormonal cycle.

One of the main advantages of the drug “Benatex®” can be attributed to the non-hormonal composition, exclusively local action and the absence of systemic effects. Therefore, you can not be afraid of all sorts of complications common when using hormonal contraception.

Besides Benatex vaginal suppositories have a unique base that has a moderate moisturizing (lubricating) effect, which provides both partners with not only reliable contraceptive protection, but also maximum pleasure during intimacy, especially with increased vaginal dryness.

At the same time, Benatex is easy to use. It is enough just to insert a candle 5 minutes before sex, and it will protect you for several hours.

Ahead of us are new bright meetings with interesting people, fireworks from pleasant moments and events … So much is planned, much still needs to be done.

Don’t let His Majesty Chance mix up your cards and re-plan your life routes for you. Let everything go the way you planned. Benatex it will help you with this, protect you from unwanted accidents, give you a sense of security and confidence in the future, and this is so important.

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