“Fierce Thing”: Samburskaya, Rudova and other stars who survived a hormonal failure

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In one of the previous articles, we said that signs of an unstable hormonal background can be constant fatigue, weight gain or weight loss, brittle nails, hair loss, edema, blood pressure surges, sleep problems. And given that in many regions of Russia there is an iodine deficiency in water and food, which can extremely negatively affect the functioning of the thyroid gland, it is recommended that all men and women once a year determine the content of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) in the blood. If the levels of this hormone are higher or lower than normal, then the endocrinologist will prescribe an extended examination of the thyroid gland to establish an accurate diagnosis and select targeted treatment. We add that TSH is a screening test, so it is recommended for everyone even in the absence of complaints. The shelf life of hormone testing is 1 year.

Nastasya Samburskaya

Some time ago, Nastasya Samburskaya felt the delights of hormonal failure. The girl in all colors described her unenviable condition to subscribers. She contracted the coronavirus in December last year. Then for a long time I struggled with bouts of anxiety. Then her hair began to fall out, skin rashes appeared, problems with sleep arose, and the actress lost weight due to a deterioration in her appetite. And all this time she felt a breakdown and mood swings. Samburskaya compared herself to a stagnant chrysanthemum that began to crumble.

“Anxiety was superimposed on fatigue for any reason. You just sit at home, and the adrenaline is pumping so that it feels like you are three years old, left alone in a dark room, and it seems that you will die from the horror that is happening. And in fact, nothing happens. Men don’t understand this at all, but hormonal failure is a fierce thing. The words “calm down” and hugs will not help your woman. In short, run to take tests and contact a competent specialist in time. Do not self-medicate and do not resort to folk methods without understanding what trace elements are missing in your body, ”said Samburskaya.

The actress followed the scheme of her endocrinologist and did not stop working. In the end, I went on the mend.

Ilana Yurieva

Hormonal failure is often observed in pregnant women and women who have given birth. Then it is difficult for a young mother to normalize weight, sleep and mood. Ilana Yuryeva, a participant in the Ural Dumplings, faced such a problem a few years ago. The artist recovered greatly and could not return to form. The most offensive thing was to hear critical remarks from outsiders, who thought that the actress had simply let herself go. According to Ilana, at that time she ate only low-fat cottage cheese and low-calorie kefir, while the weight did not go away, her face swelled. “When you do not control your body, when your face becomes 5 times larger and facial features change. And you don’t eat burgers and drink Coke. But everyone around you says: “Enough to eat”! I remember it like a bad dream. Then the hormones returned to normal and the weight returned to normal, ”recalls the girl.

Mariya Kozhevnikova

The mother of three sons does not hide how hard it was for her to lose weight after each birth. She gained forty kilograms during pregnancy! And it’s not only about the figure, but also such health troubles as shortness of breath, high blood pressure, problems with veins in the legs and more. Slowly but surely, Maria returned to form each time. True, haters think otherwise and have repeatedly accused the actress of making herself slimmer in the photo using special applications.
Kozhevnikova states: “At the moment I have a hormonal failure associated with the thyroid gland. But even at +7 kg, I feel beautiful and ready for a hat.

Natalia Rudova

The actress also knows firsthand what a hormonal failure is. At the dawn of her career, she unexpectedly recovered by 10 kg. The reason for this was the constant processing, lack of sleep and malnutrition. The body rebelled due to stress. It took Rudova several months to figure out the cause and help herself. Since then, she has been trying to take care of herself and carefully monitor her weight, not allowing herself to gain more than one size.

Irena Ponaroshku

Hormonal failure can also cause some unpleasant event in life, prolonged stress. Irena Ponaroshku honestly shared her thoughts after the divorce – it was not easy to survive it.

“When parting, all dynamic stereotypes (in other words, habits) collapse at once. You used to wake up alone, buy food for two, sit next to each other on a plane, there were two towels in the bathroom. When everything changes dramatically, the brain screams about danger, changing the hormonal background and plunging you into an abyss of fear and despair, ”the blogger and TV presenter recalled.

Time helped her recover. In addition, Irena does a health check-up every year. Based on this study, the attending physician recommends Ponaroshka to take certain vitamins. The girl insists that trace elements cannot be taken randomly, simply by buying a fashionable complex in a pharmacy. First you must find out which vitamins your body is lacking. So without a campaign to the endocrinologist not to manage.


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