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Have with you

The contents of the first-aid kit will vary: it depends on the presence of children and the elderly in the house, as well as owners of chronic diseases, allergies. The latter, as a rule, already know what means they should have at hand in any case. With the rest it is more difficult: we run to the pharmacy when the medicine is needed urgently.

The first thing to do is find out the phone numbers of the nearest hospital to you so you know where to call in an emergency. Otherwise, you need to have at hand a universal set of tools for all occasions. It should include:

  • medicines for the cores;
  • funds in case of intestinal poisoning;
  • pain in the joints;
  • cuts and abrasions;
  • insect bites;
  • painkillers;
  • antipyretics.

For hearts and beyond

Cardiac emergency medicines include valocordin, valoserdin, corvalol, nitroglycerin. Be sure to include them in your list, they will be needed both for prevention and in case an ambulance rushes to you. The same applies to drugs for hypertensive patients: captopril, a drug for lowering blood pressure during a hypertensive crisis, can normalize a sharp jump in pressure. People suffering from high blood pressure should have a remedy that they take daily as prescribed by a doctor. If we are talking about elderly relatives, make sure that they do not forget to take them with them. Also in the country there should be a tonometer for measuring pressure: practice shows that not only older family members may need it.

In case of poisoning

Country gatherings are impossible without barbecue, which means that the possibility of poisoning should not be ruled out. The cause of the disorder, of course, can be not only meat, but also unwashed berries and, in principle, a change in the usual diet (especially in the case of children). In this case, keep drugs for the gastrointestinal tract in the first-aid kit:

– activated carbon and enterosgel;

– antacids, that is, means to combat heartburn;

– domperidone (motilium) against nausea;

– loperamide (imodium) – antidiarrheal agent

Medicines for back and joint pain

At the dacha, it will not do without physical activity: dig up a plot, harvest, disassemble the attic or pantry, planting, weeding – depending on the calendar. This means that there is a high probability of breaking your back or at least earning a sprain, dislocation, pain in the lower back or neck. In this case, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are needed. These include diclofenac, indomethacin, ibuprofen – they will relieve inflammation and reduce pain. If sciatica worsens, keep complete rest for a couple of days.

In case of headache and toothache, take analgin, ketorol, nise.


From a cold, fever, no one is safe. Paracetamol and aspirin should be put in the first aid kit – they will help bring down the temperature and relieve inflammation. Recall that lowering the temperature is not recommended if it does not exceed 38.5 degrees. In children, this figure is lower – 38 degrees. And, of course, there should be a thermometer in the first-aid kit.

Take medicine for coughs and runny noses, for sore throats and ears. For example, a cough mixture with an expectorant effect (ambroxol, lazolvan, bronholitin, bronchicum), nose drops, ear drops. And where, if not outside the city, to use grandmother’s recipes: drink tea with raspberries and mint, gargle with infusions of chamomile, sage, eucalyptus. They have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Remedies for injuries

Cuts, abrasions, dislocations, blisters… In this case, grab bandages, plaster, iodine and brilliant green, chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide. If during a fall (for example, from a bicycle) you have earned a lacerated wound, you should not water it with iodine or green paint – it hurts and can burn the tissue. It is necessary to treat exactly the edges of the wound (after stopping the blood) – for example, with hydrogen peroxide. And then put Levomekol ointment on the wound.

If the blood does not stop, or the wound is deeper than one and a half centimeters, or it does not heal well – swelling has appeared and you feel that the inflammatory process has begun, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Allergy medicines

Let the first-aid kit contain popular antihistamines – these are loratadine, claritin, erius, suprastin and tavegil. It’s not just about allergies to pollen, for example, when reacting to an insect bite (mosquitoes, wasps, ants), fenistil-gel will save. And do not forget to apply ice wrapped in a cloth (towel) to the bite site. Allergy sufferers with experience should have epinephrine in ampoules, a nebulizer (a device for aerosol therapy for asthmatics), antihistamines in ampoules of the 1st generation.


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