Fitness on critical days: pros and cons

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Purely technically, in our time, this is absolutely not a problem: modern hygiene products allow you not to advertise your condition and go in for sports on any day of the cycle. There will be no harm to the reputation. And for health?

Define your type

The question of whether to engage in fitness during menstruation should be decided individually. It matters not only the state of your health in general, but also the sensations in each particular cycle. Cycles can be with or without ovulation – and they are tolerated differently by the body.

If you have menorrhagia (heavy menstruation), algomenorrhea (painful periods), menstrual migraine, then, of course, you should not torture the body with additional stress during this period. It is better to refrain from doing fitness.

At the same time, there is another category of women: they are active, in excellent physical shape, they do not feel unwell on critical days. They usually have slightly elevated levels of androgens and therefore an increased need for physical activity, which helps them to shed negative emotions. Refusal of fitness classes against the background of menstruation can cause them to lower their mood or even become irritated and annoyed.

Two such different categories of girls should not lead holivars and convince each other of the need or, conversely, the danger of fitness on critical days. Just accept that you are different.

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