Fitness VS Stress: how to choose the right tactics

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Some progressive citizens, however, assure that yoga or breathing exercises are much more reliable against criminal acts. There is also an opinion that to each his own – depending on temperament. Cholerics should hit pears, and melancholics should stand in the pose of the Dog with their muzzle down, waiting until the hated boss himself moves the horses.

Alena Gribanova, an expert in the direction of group programs, a teacher at the X-FIT PRO faculty of the federal network of X-Fit fitness clubs, recommends not to go into such deep research, but simply proceed from the following postulate: fitness helps relieve stress.

In fact, all our diseases that are from the nerves are derivatives of “alarm signals” left unattended. After all, what is stress? This is the release of adrenaline or cortisol into the blood – hormones that immediately give out a large dose of energy to the mountain so that the body can flee or offer worthy resistance to a potential enemy. In other words, fight or flight. If you didn’t hit or run, then this whole hormonal cocktail starts to go out right in the body.

Fight or run – that is the question

You yourself will feel the best way to get rid of stress. Often the same person at different times in their lives can relieve stress through yoga, belly dancing, running or boxing. There is no need to adapt to the general rules: there are individual physiological indicators in which active types of training not only do not help, but also aggravate the stressful state. The body will tell you what it needs. But if you are not yet accustomed to listening to your body, then when choosing the type of training, first of all focus on your main activity.

  • If you sit for a long time at work, then your joints, spine and muscles may not be ready for active training, so you should start your classes with walking, swimming, water aerobics, Pilates or yoga.
  • If you are forced to stand for a long time (seller, cashier, promoter), then venous outflow is disturbed, blood stagnates, legs swell. In this case, it is worth attending aerobics, step, cycling, aqua aerobics, swimming and anti-gravity training.
  • If your work involves a lot of physical activity, then it is better to do functional training, swim and attend stretching and relaxation workouts.

Sports VS Sleep

Sleep, by the way, is also a great defense against stress. People who sleep the required eight hours a day are much more stress-resistant than their fellow citizens and are much less likely to consider crimes against colleagues and leaders. Therefore, the time that you can set aside for sleep should not be spent on anything other than sleep. Even for fitness.

However, as you know, if stress won, then it can deprive you of sleep. Insomnia is a very common problem for office workers. Here you can just fight it with the help of fitness. It is only important to choose the right level of physical activity, after consulting with your trainer.

Cortisol is a stress hormone

And power loads also increase the level of cortisol – and this cannot but lead the office worker to frightening thoughts. This is what, I mean, by lifting the barbell, I do not relieve stress, but strengthen it?

There are no official and authoritative medical statistics in this regard. But fighting your own prejudices is another round of stress. Do you need it? Are you afraid? Then it’s better to immediately sign up for boxing or yoga. Do you want a sculpted body? Start with Pilates, work your core muscles, and then go, for example, to X-PUMP – this is a strength training for working out large muscle groups, which takes place using a special collapsible barbell. The exercise helps to strengthen ligaments, joints and, importantly, improves muscle relief and quickly transforms the body.

And you know what? Have you ever seen nervous and fussy bulls? Whatever you think about the double dose of cortisol, weightlifters are usually very calm and even-tempered people. After all, the heavier the bar, the more cortisol is used for its intended purpose.

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