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In the West, the idea is not new; it began to be discussed back in the 90s of the last century as a “middle way” between vegetarianism and traditional nutrition. Actually, the etymology of the word is obvious: “flexi” (flexible) is “flexible”, and the second part is a fragment from “vegetarianism”. So, “flexible vegetarianism”, “vegetarianism with assumptions”. According to the results of 2003, in the USA this term was included in the list of the most popular words of the year. Russians (in principle, not prone to half-measures) did not want to recognize him. We generally consider this flexibility and evasiveness to be a symbol of meanness and betrayal: either you are a vegetarian (ideally a vegan), or you are a meat eater – there is no third way. Vegetarians accuse meat-eaters of corpse-eating, meat-eaters of vegetarians – of undermining the gene pool of the nation and spreading total anemia.

Vegans do not like to talk about it, but in order to stay in shape, they are forced to take courses (2-3 times a year) of iron and vitamin B12 supplements. Flexitarians compensate for the deficiency of these valuable substances by “taking” meat.

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