Food that warms in the cold: 5 rules of winter healthy lifestyle

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Of course, evidence-based medicine may consider these recommendations frivolous. But they allow me to stay in good shape – not to freeze, not to get fat and not to get sick.

Firstlybefore leaving the house in winter, be sure to eat. The colder it is outside, the more calories your foods should contain. Fast carbohydrates, however, although very high in calories, are not designed for long walks – for example, run from the hut to the bathhouse, from home to the metro. But if your diet does not contain high-calorie – protein and fat – food, you are guaranteed to quickly get tired and freeze. The energy that should have been spent on activating the immune system will be spent on banal self-heating. People who are on a diet in winter are more susceptible to SARS than others.

Secondlycook hot. At sub-zero temperatures, the food that has undergone heat treatment is much better absorbed. On your table should be hot soups, stewed vegetables and meat, cereals, tea. However, do not exaggerate. Food should warm, but not burn.

Thirdlyenhance the effect. In your daily diet should be something that creates a feeling of warmth in the body. It is necessary that the food be both high-calorie and hot at the same time, and not “either-or”. Pork and lamb are the most calorific meats. In addition, turkey meat is useful in winter, as it contains tryptophan. This amino acid is truly unique, because with its help the body copes with stress.

Fourth, eat fat! Fat is indispensable in winter, because it not only helps to keep warm, but also supports the immune system. It contains arachidonic acid, which regulates the functioning of the heart muscle, cholesterol levels and immune system reactions. And do not listen to those who scold fat for extra pounds. It’s not the fat itself, but the excessive consumption of this product. Overeating is generally bad! A thin piece of rye bread with bacon and a little garlic, and you are guaranteed a tasty and healthy sandwich.

Fifth, use spices and offal. Oriental medicine, thanks to which the inhabitants of China and Tibet are famous for their longevity, assures that organ meats contain vitality. Therefore, it is so useful to include the kidneys, liver, and heart in the winter menu. And it is not for nothing that we associate the winter season with “hot” spices – primarily pepper and ginger. Add them to all dishes – you will immediately feel that it has become warmer.

Well, and most importantly: food is just fuel. The body warms up by burning calories.

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