Fractional nutrition: another dangerous myth of nutrition

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The traditional, most orthodox diet consisted of three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For the rest, in most languages ​​there are no terms – only clarifications and neologisms: “second breakfast”, “afternoon snack”, “fifth meal”, “evening kefir” … All these terms (and their corresponding meals) appeared and took shape relatively recently – when dietetics appeared and took shape as an independent medical direction.

To tell citizens how to eat right, it was necessary to convince them that now they are eating wrong, so the most obvious thing was called into question: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It would be extremely effective to cancel them altogether: everyone would immediately quickly lose weight. But, firstly, to understand this, you do not have to be a nutritionist. And secondly, in order to comply with this, one must be … It is not known who!

Therefore, the fighters for harmony began to act more cunningly. “Eat more often and lose weight!” they proclaimed. Naturally, such an idea was accepted with approval by the masses. And then, when the masses adapted and were filled with confidence, a clarification was made: eat more often, but little by little. And this could be dealt with. It could even be believed. But obesity has become an epidemic…

We asked our expert, Doctor of Biology Alexey Moskalev, to analyze this situation.

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Is fractional nutrition useful – expert comments

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