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In May, when light, airy dresses and bright shoes completely replace warm sweaters, hats and gloves from the shelves of our wardrobe, the issue of personal care becomes especially relevant.

Proper balanced nutrition will not only help you take care of your appearance, but will also help strengthen your immune system during the spring beriberi.

Try to increase your intake of foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It is antioxidants that are the most important allies of a woman in the fight for health and beauty.

Moreover, most of these products are familiar to you: black and green tea, red wine, citrus fruits, onions, olives and soybeans. One of the richest natural sources of antioxidants is coffee – a drink that is perceived by many only as a source of vigor and

It turns out that the beneficial properties of this noble drink are not limited to this.

Antioxidants are our body’s protectors that neutralize the effects of free radicals, helping us stay healthy and beautiful. Every day we are exposed to many adverse factors, as a result of which free radicals are formed in our body – cell destroyers, which not only accelerate the aging process, but are also one of the main causes of many dangerous diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

It may seem incredible, but now you have a unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure: the benefits of antioxidants and the pleasure of great coffee taste.

Great news: Innovative NESCAFE coffee is here® Green Blend® – the first coffee created on the basis of a combination of green unroasted and roasted coffee beans. But green coffee beans are an excellent natural source of antioxidants, while roasted beans give coffee that delicious taste. One cup of this wonderful drink contains as many antioxidants as a cup of green tea, but they are absorbed up to two times better.2.

Despite the benefits of this noble drink, it is worth remembering two important things. First, everything should be in moderation, and scientists recommend consuming no more than 3-5 cups per day. Secondly, coffee in no way replaces the consumption of vegetables and fruits, as well as regular physical activity.

Moreover, May is a great time for outdoor sports, which will help you not only be in shape, but also saturate your cells with oxygen, which means life.

A cup of coffee, proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. What else do you need to take care of yourself with pleasure? Add to this a smile, a good mood – and this spring you will not be equal!

oneStudy by a University of Scranton team of researchers led by Joe Vinson, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, 2005,
2According to Nestle Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008

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