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It is pleasant to drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice diluted with mineral water in the summer heat. But are such drinks useful, can they quench thirst and replenish the treasury of our health?

What are fries?

Fresh juices (from the English word fresh) are called freshly squeezed juices of vegetables, fruits, berries or garden greens, medicinal plants and herbs used to quench thirst or for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Juice is water from fruits combined with organic and inorganic compounds, vitamins and pectins (if fruit pulp is added). In principle, modern juicers can produce juice from any fruit, even bananas, which are not particularly juicy.

The benefits of natural juices are undeniable – it is a concentrate of vitamins and minerals, and if the juice is with pulp, it is also a storehouse of pectins and fiber that regulate digestion.

But juices must be consumed in moderation and correctly. Freshly squeezed juices do not like air, the vitamins in them are oxidized and quickly destroyed, so you should not store the juice for more than half an hour, its nutritional value is reduced.

Features of juice consumption

However juices – this is a special product, and you can’t drink them as much as you like. The fact is that juice is a concentrate of organic acids from fruits, especially fruits and berries, and these acids actively and aggressively affect the digestive system, providing irritating, choleretic and juice-burning effects.

That is why juice is not allowed to give children under one year old. Also, people with gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) and enteritis (inflammation of the intestines) should avoid drinking juices, and everyone else should dilute them by half with water.

In addition, the juices of many fruits contain quite a lot of sugar and affect appetite, so their intake should be consistent with nutrition. If a want to lose weight, consume them half an hour before meals, they will muffle your appetite; if you want to get better or not spoil your appetite – one and a half to two hours after eating.

It is not recommended to take juices with food: the sugar of the juices begins to be broken down by the intestinal microflora and ferment, causing discomfort. Ideally, juices should be drunk an hour and a half after you have eaten, or between meals, drinking juice at breakfast or lunch is wrong from a nutritional point of view.

Healing effects of juices

Due to the fruit acids and minerals, the content of vitamins and some special substances, juices can be used as adjuvant therapy for certain diseases. They give vivacity and increase vitality, are tasty and quench thirst. Everyone likes to be treated deliciously, especially children.

apple juices

Juice can be with or without pulp, squeezed from whole or peeled apples. Freshly squeezed juice from whole fruits is most useful, but if you buy fruits in the nearest store and out of season, it is better to remove the skin from them – they contain harmful substances.

Contrary to popular belief, apple juice is not a helper for anemia: there is little iron in it, and it is absorbed by no more than 1%, but as a liquid in order to stock iron preparations, it will work perfectly. Ascorbic acid from the juice helps the full absorption and absorption of iron.

Apple juice helps with liver diseases as a choleretic agent, it is effective for attacks of urolithiasis or indigestion, juice with pulp fights constipation. Apple juice is very useful after physical exertion, during the recovery period after infections or pneumonia.

An apple goes well with vegetables and fruits – it is optimal to make mixes with pumpkin and carrots, pears, peaches and cherries.

Healing effects of juices (continued)

carrot juice

This is a very healthy fresh vegetable juice with an antioxidant effect, and if you add a spoonful of olive oil and a little greens to it, it will become a truly healing remedy. for vision, heart, skin and hair. Carrots are rich in carotene, and the juice concentrates this substance, in combination with fats, it turns into the active form of vitamin A and is absorbed more fully.

In addition, carrot juice activates the liver and the entire biliary system, including the gallbladder, has an antiseptic effect and increases appetite. It is useful to take it during periods of intense physical and emotional stress, before competitions or examsand also during menstruation.

However, do not overdo it – with a large amount of juice, carotene jaundice may develop. It is not dangerous, but will paint over the feet, palms and tip of the nose in yellow. It is most useful to drink half a glass of carrot juice every other day for a couple of weeks.

pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice has a similar effect on digestion and the body, but due to the greater amount of fiber, it has a more pronounced laxative effect than carrot juice. Juice is low in calories, but saturates well, which is actively used in dietetics. However, it also contains a lot of carotene and you should not lean on it because of the same risk of developing carotene jaundice.

But the most important effect of pumpkin juice is the fight against parasites: it is especially useful as an anthelmintic in the treatment complex, especially in children and the elderly. In addition, a third of a glass of pumpkin juice drunk in the morning in the first weeks of pregnancy helps to cope with toxicosis.

celery juice

This vegetable in Russia is undeservedly uncommon, and yet it is one of the most useful and inexpensive!

Celery juice is an excellent fat-burning drug, it removes excess fluid, frees the intestines from gases and accumulation of contents. Only through this it is possible take a few inches off your waist and shed a few kilos.

Celery juice has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory effects, and it is useful to take it for colds and inflammatory diseases. It relieves nervous irritability and improves sleep: a third of a glass of celery juice at night with a spoonful of honey is an excellent cocktail for healthy sleep and cheerfulness in the morning.

pear juice

If you are tense and depressed, often get sick – sweet pear juice is for you. It is also useful for those who are idle in traffic jams and swallow exhaust gases: pear juice is able to bind toxins and heavy metals, removing them from the body.

In addition, it is rich in natural sugars and fiber, perfectly satiates and is suitable for smooth weight loss if it is replaced with dinner. Pear juice is used in the treatment of cystitis and colds, it has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects.

It is better to squeeze the juice from pears with the skin, but if the origin of the pear is doubtful, then use only the pulp. Just like pumpkin, pear juice helps fight toxicosis of pregnant women.


Of course, every vegetable and fruit has useful properties, it is impossible to list everything, so be guided by the choice of fresh juice to your taste, combine fruits and vegetables, try and discover new tastes.

What’s your favorite fresh?

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