From allergies to fever: what diseases are caused by mosquito bites…

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Who gets bitten by mosquitoes more often?

Curiously, only female mosquitoes bite us. Males are safe for humans and are not interested in his blood. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, extract blood in order to lay eggs later, that is, they try for future offspring. Having crouched on the skin of a person, the disgustingly buzzing mosquito calms down – at this moment it clearly aims at the blood capillary. The accuracy is amazing!

Some mosquitoes sting more than others. At risk are people who are overweight, exhaling more carbon dioxide. The more heat and lactic acid vapors that come out of you (released with sweat), the more attractive you are to insects. This applies not only to people with extra pounds, but also to those who, for example, jog or do physical work in their country house.

But the theory that mosquitoes prefer people with the first blood type has not been confirmed. Everyone needs protection from mosquito bites.

An allergic reaction to a bite (in the form of swelling and redness) is familiar to many. Symptoms usually go away on their own after a couple of days. It is more difficult with children, who can scratch the bite site a lot, which will aggravate the situation.

Also, we all remember that mosquitoes are carriers of a number of dangerous diseases. These include viral encephalitis, West Nile fever, Dengue, malaria, dirofilaria parasites – subcutaneous worms. Such cases are recorded quite rarely, but nonetheless.

How to prevent the development of allergies

After the mosquito stings, it injects toxic saliva into the human blood. Often it is she who becomes the cause of the development of the inflammatory process – allergies. It is worth weaning yourself from combing the bite site, there are cases when this led to the development of inflammation up to sepsis. First of all, it is necessary to relieve itching and swelling. Via:

  • cold compress (ice wrapped in a cloth, bag will do);

  • soda solution and subsequent lotions (1 tsp soda per glass of water);

  • saline solution.

Help yourself and your pets

It is even better to prevent mosquito attacks, especially at night when our vigilance is at a minimum. If you listen to folk advice, it is recommended to use essential oils of cloves, mint, lavender indoors. Also, some are sure that if you regularly eat grapefruits and garlic, then you will become uninteresting to mosquitoes … It seems unlikely that this will save you during a trip to the forest in the summer.

Repellents definitely belong to reliable means. You can buy them at any pharmacy. Do not forget about tight clothing that is difficult for insects to bite through. Repellents can be applied not only to the skin, but also to clothing. The products are not recommended for use on children’s skin – a stroller with a baby will be more reliably protected by a special mesh.

Mosquito nets should be used on windows, especially in the country, if you live near the forest. You can also buy fumigators, after checking whether they will cause allergies in households.

To protect your pets, look for a special remedy in a veterinary pharmacy. Remember that it will be applied to the fur that the animals lick.


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