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What are the origins of a woman? What is the essence and nature? To protect, to love, to be a mother, a keeper of the hearth… The female body is designed by nature in such a way that it can perform all these functions without harming itself.

Looking back, how did women live in the old days? They grew up, became girls, got married, got pregnant, fed … then got pregnant again and fed … And this happened not two or three times.

Their body worked in a natural cycle: pregnancy-childbirth-feeding – a few periods – pregnancy again, and so on. With such a “busy schedule”, there was not much time for critical days in a lifetime.

Yes, women got tired of pregnancy, feeding. But they did not lose 80 or even 100 ml of blood every month. In addition, in the absence of effective contraception, they especially did not have a choice.

And we? For 30-40 years of fertile age, taking into account one or two pregnancies and feeding, menstruation occurs 350-400 times. Multiply by 100 ml of blood… Of course, the body of a modern woman with such a high pace of life needs special care.

And monthly blood loss creates an additional burden. But how to minimize all these inconveniences that we get along with menstruation? Constantly pregnant and breastfeeding circumstances and life plans do not allow.

A woman, on the contrary, wants stable and effective contraception. And in dreams – so that there are also fewer critical days.

Indeed, in addition to blood loss, there is also the usual discomfort: with heavy and painful periods, you need to drink painkillers every month and take care of hygiene literally every couple of hours.

But the situation is not hopeless. Hormonal contraception allows you to shift, if necessary, the cycle, skip several cycles in a row, or in some cases forget about menstruation for years.

There are several options:

conventional combined oral contraceptives. A woman only changes the mode of reception, without taking breaks between packs in order to shift or skip several cycles in a row.

In general, it is not difficult, but it requires organization and self-discipline. And at the modern pace, constantly remembering the pills is not always possible.

intrauterine hormonal system. Suitable for women who do not want to take daily pills. It is installed in the uterine cavity and provides effective protection against unwanted pregnancy for up to five years.

Installation usually goes well, but some discomfort may occur for a few days. For many women, when using it, the periods become shorter and less plentiful, less painful.

For most women, when using it, menstruation lasts 1-3 days and requires only pads for daily use. This type of contraception is absolutely reversible and, if you want to become a mother again, you can remove the system at any time and get pregnant.

By the way, it is also recommended as a drug of choice for nursing mothers, for whom protection is very important. About the method of lactational amenorrhea, all the myths have long been debunked – conception during breastfeeding is possible, even in the first months, even with small intervals between applying the baby to the breast.

So young mothers need to choose a particularly reliable method of contraception, because a second pregnancy almost immediately after childbirth is a heavy burden.

In addition, it is the local effect of the hormone that makes intrauterine system available for some patients for whom oral contraceptives are contraindicated due to comorbidities or side effects.

So, hormonal contraception gives a woman the stability and confidence that she needs so much in the busy rhythm of life.

Modern drugs allow you to independently shift the cycle, make menstruation more scarce, not so painful, and significantly reduce blood loss.

And the female body gets the necessary rest – without severe blood loss, with normal hemoglobin levels. This state is close to what is laid down by nature.

The difference is that the type and duration of use of the contraceptive is chosen by the woman herself. And the doctor will help her with this.

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