From Rudkovskaya to Fadeev: which of the stars faced a hate by being vaccinated against coronavirus

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Yana Rudkovskaya: “3200 antibodies! At the maximum!

Yana Rudkovskaya was one of the first to be vaccinated against coronavirus. The businesswoman explained that every day, as part of the preparation for ice shows, she communicates with many people and considers it necessary to protect herself and those around her. The producer tolerated the vaccination well. “3200 antibodies! At the maximum! It was not in vain that they were vaccinated, ”wrote Rudkovskaya. The wife of the Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko, like him, was vaccinated with the Russian drug Sputnik V. In her address, Rudkovskaya received a lot of rather aggressive comments, but the producer is definitely no stranger to such a reaction.

Vladimir Mashkov took root in January – with a break of 21 days, as expected. He was vaccinated in a Moscow clinic at the place of registration. According to the actor and artistic director of the Moscow Theater Oleg Tabakov, he does not want to live in fear because of the potential for getting sick, because the actor works daily with colleagues. The People’s Artist, perhaps, is one of the few who has not encountered a hate about this – he simply has not been seen on social networks.

Fadeev faced malaise after vaccination

Maxim Fadeev is one of the people who are at risk. At the age of seventeen, the producer underwent a serious heart operation, which did not pass without consequences for him. As you know, coronavirus primarily hits weak areas, because all people with chronic diseases are at risk. People with heart failure too. Fadeev noted that after vaccination during the day he felt weakness and drowsiness. After the second dose of the vaccine after 21 days, no such effect was observed. But the showman received a flurry of negative comments from subscribers who do not trust the domestic vaccine. As soon as one of the stars writes about the vaccination, they are immediately accused of a paid post. Fadeev had to make excuses: he never received money for advertising, the desire to get vaccinated was his own.

Alena Apina faced the same reaction – she got vaccinated just before the New Year. “That’s it! An end to all fears and expectations! I got vaccinated!” The singer continues to lead an active lifestyle and is now not afraid to get sick. Note that the vaccine does not give a 100% guarantee against coronavirus infection, but doctors assure that the consequences of the disease for the body will be much more benign or they will not exist at all.

Yakubovich decided to get vaccinated after Grachevsky’s death

Some have become convinced of the need to get vaccinated after the death of loved ones or friends. The permanent host of the show “Field of Miracles” Leonid Yakubovich gave an injection with a vaccine after the death of his friend Boris Grachevsky – the creator of “Yeralash”, even while in the hospital, wrote to friends that he would get out and his death would not wait – unfortunately, it turned out differently. According to the TV presenter, Grachevsky became the eighth person from his entourage who died from a coronavirus infection or its consequences. There were no more thoughts, because due to his age, Yakubovich is at risk. A colleague of the TV presenter Elena Malysheva never ceases to remind that people over 65 must be vaccinated, as they have a higher risk of dying from the disease. The TV presenter herself and the doctor were not vaccinated, as antibodies were found in her. According to her, if they are available (regardless of the number), the injection with the vaccine can be omitted. And if you plan to be vaccinated, then you need to refrain from drinking alcohol for two weeks, it is also advisable to exclude foods containing histamine: chocolate, strawberries, citrus fruits, blue cheeses.

Who else got vaccinated

Actually, among the stars who have been vaccinated and reported this on social networks, most of those who have crossed the 65-year-old threshold have chronic diseases, or, on duty, communicate with a large number of people every day. These include the wife of Mikhail Boyarsky Larisa Luppian, director Svetlana Druzhinina, TV presenter Dmitry Krylov, actors Alexander Domogarov, Alexei Maklakov. They all received portions of indignant comments from those who oppose vaccinations.

There are many stars who have been ill with the coronavirus. Many of them also did not immediately talk about it, only after a while celebrities began to share their experience of the disease more often. All noted the loss of smell and smell as the main symptom, as well as incomparable weakness. when you can’t even get out of bed. This is not counting severe symptoms in the form of high fever, inability to breathe, pneumonia, and so on. The recovery period takes time and effort, but nothing compares to the ability to breathe deeply, feel all the smells and tastes and return to normal life.

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