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A slender figure is given to few by nature. Most often, this is the result of persistent work on oneself, which includes both regular physical activity and nutrition control. Even celebrities don’t get their perfect forms just like that. Honored Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics, world champion in the team event, two-time European champion in the team event, six-time winner of the World Cup in Berlin 2001, participant in the TOP-100 rating of the most beautiful girls on the planet, sports commentator, TV presenter and Herbalife brand ambassador Laysan Utyasheva tells Goodshapetips readers about her experience of fighting for the perfect body.

In May last year, Laysan gave birth to her first child: “During pregnancy, I gained 17 kilograms – I didn’t deny myself anything, realizing that I would take care of myself later.” Of course, as an athlete, Laysan relied on fitness: she developed a universal set of exercises for herself to make her body fit and flexible, as before, and give her muscles a good tone.

We are sure that her training program and the rules of a healthy diet will help everyone who wants to become slimmer. The ongoing beach season gives rise to a desire to get in good shape. Laysan is convinced that it is not difficult to perform her exercises, and the first results will be noticeable after three days of classes! If you have any doubts about your health, please consult your doctor. And then feel free to start doing gymnastics from Laysan Utyasheva!

A set of exercises “Awakening the body” from Laysan Utyasheva

It is necessary to perform the proposed exercises at an intensive pace so that the gymnastics takes no more than 20 minutes. During training, the muscles should be in good shape: the socks are extended, the shoulders are straightened, the hips are tense. Watch your breathing: it should be free and deep, and if it goes astray, then stop, catch your breath and continue the gymnastics.

Exercises are recommended to be performed before breakfast, after drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. Before starting the main complex, do a little warm-up – stretch in different directions, “wake up” your body, do a few inclinations. And now it’s time to start!

Spine and back muscles

Exercise One

Starting position – lying on the floor, toes are extended, the body and buttocks are in good shape, hands are behind the head. Rise, rounding your back – in this position, the abdominal muscles tense the most. Feet do not come off the floor. The number of repetitions is 50.

Exercise two

From the previous starting position, rise to the “corner” and keep your legs in weight, counting to 50.

Leg stretch

Exercise One

Roll onto your stomach and take a few deep breaths. Rise into the “boat”: feet and knees above the floor, arms extended forward. This position is required to hold 25 accounts. Then, without sinking to the floor, spread your legs apart. Now perform the “scissors”: cross your legs, spread apart and cross again. When performing the “scissors”, it is necessary to alternate the position of the legs: the right leg, then the left leg should be on top. The number of repetitions is 25.

Exercise two

Keep the “boat” position, only now bend your knees. Stretch your body to your knees first in one direction, then in the other. The hands are pulled back. The number of repetitions is 25.

Press, spine, back muscles

Exercise One

If you can’t sit on the splits, bend to a straight leg, stretching the back of the thigh. To do this, kneel down, stretch one leg forward (socks are tense) and bend to the straightened leg. Then do the same for the other leg. Your goal, which will be achieved after regular training, is excellent stretching and the ability to sit on the twine.

Exercise two

If you cannot sit on a horizontal split, spread your legs from a sitting position as wide as possible. Socks are extended, knees are straight. Take turns bending to one and to the other leg. The number of repetitions is 25 for each leg.


Exercise One

Twisting is performed from the starting position lying on your back. Arms, shoulders and shoulder blades are firmly pressed to the floor. Bend your knees and lower them to the right and left of you, without lifting your back and arms from the floor. The number of repetitions is 25.

Exercise two

Move from the previous exercise to the new one without rest, without lowering your legs to the floor. Starting position – lying on your back, back and arms firmly pressed to the floor, legs straightened. Raise them perpendicular to the floor and lower them to the left and right of you, without lifting your shoulders, shoulder blades and arms from the mat. Touching the floor with your feet, do not linger and quickly transfer them to the other side. The number of repetitions is 25.

Beauty secrets of Laysan Utyasheva: a healthy diet

Exercise One

Move to a standing position with feet wider than shoulder width. Do a deep squat, stretch your arms forward and hold yourself in this position, counting to 25. Straighten up and repeat the exercise. The number of repetitions is 2.

Laysan explains: “If you want results, work! Muscles that are involved in real work should hurt. Do not set a goal to lose a certain number of kilograms, do not get hung up on the numbers on the scales. Your fat tissue can shrink, and your muscle volume can grow. The weight will not decrease, but you will look great! And the main need of any woman, including mine, is to look good and like herself.. By the way, so that there is practically no pain from training, and the skin and muscles do not “sag” as a result of weight loss, Utyasheva advises visiting the pool twice a week.

The gymnast, and now a fashion model and TV presenter, emphasizes that fitness alone is not enough to work on yourself. You also need to eat right. The star’s daily menu looks something like this: on an empty stomach, immediately after getting up, a glass of warm water. It helps the body wake up.

For breakfast, Laysan prefers the Herbalife Formula 1 protein shake and notes that it fits perfectly into her diet. The formula of the cocktail is designed in such a way that it can serve as a daily breakfast for those who follow their figure and take care of their health. The Formula 1 shake contains an optimal complex of vitamins and minerals, thanks to which it provides the nutritional intake necessary, according to the recommendations of nutritionists and nutritionists. The protein and fiber included in its composition are necessary for the body to function normally, and the balanced composition of the cocktail allows you to maintain a feeling of satiety for a long time. And on a day full of business and events, and on a relaxed weekend, Laysan chooses just such a breakfast as a protein shake.

For a charge for the whole day, we recommend trying Formula 1 Chocolate.

For lunch, Laysan recommends eating vegetable or chicken soup. It is nutritious, healthy and will not lead to weight gain if you cook soup without potatoes. Another secret is a healthy snack between lunch and dinner.

“Personally, my favorite snack is protein bars, – comments the star beauty. – This is a convenient “pocket” food, tasty and, what is especially pleasant, low-calorie. Extra pounds with such a snack do not threaten. I usually take Herbalife Lemon Flavored Protein Bar with me.”.

For dinner, Laysan recommends making a vegetable salad, steamed fish or shrimp. No need to deprive yourself of the evening meal, but let it be light and healthy. Are weaknesses allowed in such a diet? Laysan admits: “I have a sweet tooth, so I can’t deny myself cakes. For example, once a week I can eat tiramisu, but only in the morning and only on condition that there will be serious intense loads during the day..

Concluding the story about his beauty secrets, Laysan emphasizes: in working on yourself, be persistent and believe that you can do everything. This is the first and very important step towards change for the better.

And one more small recommendation – everything that you do for yourself, do it with pleasure, do not burden your life with gloomy thoughts. This will bring joy to you and your loved ones, and will also create that good mood that is so important for every woman.

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