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The modern pace of life, the development of information technology, the employment of the population often exclude the possibility of paying attention to one’s health. Patients are not always able to visit a doctor in a timely manner. There is not a single person who has never had a sore throat. One of the main problems is chronic tonsillitis – a disease with the localization of a chronic focus of infection in the palatine tonsils, with periodic exacerbation in the form of tonsillitis.

Given the development of pharmaceuticals, people tend to solve this problem on their own and often use antibacterial drugs, to which pathogenic microorganisms in the throat are insensitive. It must be remembered thatfrequent use of antibiotics contributes to the disruption of the flora in the body, thus causing dysbacteriosis, a decrease in the body’s immune defenses.The use of various throat sprays, softening tablets has a short-term effect of improving the condition.

What causes exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis?

Exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis can be provoked by both social factors and various diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

poor quality food;

unfavorable ecological situation;

maximum employment in the workplace;


working conditions, life


pathology of the paranasal sinuses;

individual features of the structure of the ENT organs (curvature of the nasal septum, enlargement of the turbinates)

diseases of the nasopharynx (adenoids, polyps)

frequent respiratory illnesses

dental caries, etc.

It must be remembered that immunodeficiency states, other diseases of internal organs, concomitant endocrine pathology contribute to chronic inflammation in the palatine tonsils.

What are the complications of chronic tonsillitis?

Target organs: heart, joints and kidneys. Often, patients turn to the late periods of the disease, when the infection has already spread and led to irreversible consequences, such as: rheumatoid arthritis (enlargement/swelling of the joints), rheumatic heart disease (changes in the work of the heart), pyelonephritis (changes in the work of the kidneys).

Often, chronic tonsillitis is the cause of a tonsillogenic infection – a constant increase in body temperature (subfibrillitis), weakness, malaise, increased fatigue.

For diagnostic purposes, to identify complications of chronic tonsillitis, it is recommended to conduct the following examinations every six months: complete blood count, complete urinalysis, rheumatic tests, ECG. If necessary, visit the following specialists: cardiorheumatologist, nephrologist, immunologist.

Modern methods of treatment of chronic tonsillitis

There are two forms of chronic tonsillitis: compensated and decompensated. It has been proven that in any form of chronic tonsillitis, the immunoprotective functions of the tonsils are preserved. Therefore, the desire to preserve one of the immunocompetent organs has given rise to many conservative methods of treatment.

Their essence boils down, first of all, to a preliminary examination (sowing, PCR diagnostics) and subsequent sanitation of the lacunae of the palatine tonsils, adequate antibiotic therapy, hyposensitizing (hypoallergenic) and restorative therapy.

However, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the palatine tissue, effective washing of the lacunae is significantly difficult and rarely gives a positive result without a set of measures aimed at improving microcirculation and increasing the protective forces in general.

One of the methods used in the SM clinic is AUFOK – therapy. AUFOK – autovenous ultraviolet blood irradiation – effective, a long and well-established procedure for stimulating the patient’s own compensatory mechanisms, applied in all areas of clinical practice.

It is known that physical factors affect the immune status. In this case, depending on the nature of the impact, a central and local response of the body is possible. In our clinic, ozone therapy, laser therapy, and magnetotherapy are widely used for this purpose.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the patient’s early access to ENT – doctortimely diagnosis and appropriate treatment of chronic tonsillitis can significantly reduce the risk of complications and improve the quality of life of people.

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