Getting ready for spring: proper nutrition and body cleansing

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Each of us has been waiting for spring, long and impatiently, almost from the first day of winter. Despite the fact that the weather in March is often almost the same as in January, the calendar change in the season makes life a little easier and easier, the days become longer and the sun shines brighter.

But are we ready for spring? Morally, of course, yes, and warm clothes are almost removed on the mezzanine. Another question is where to remove all that we inherited from the cold winter season: extra pounds and an unhealthy complexion? How to behave during spring mood swings and beriberi – or, correctly using the terms, hypovitaminosis? Goodshapetips will help you find answers to these questions.

At the end of winter and the beginning of spring, almost every one of us finds ourselves between two fires. On the one hand, the figure requires correction due to winter heat transfer and energy costs, offset by extra calories. On the other hand, there comes a spring shortage of vitamins and fasting time. You have to combine two, at first glance, opposite factors and carefully edit your diet and lifestyle.

What to eat and what not to eat with hypovitaminosis

Undesirable and unnecessary products for hypovitaminosis include:

  • first of all, alcohol, since vitamins A, C, D and most of the B vitamins are poorly absorbed with it. Those who smoke should pay attention to vitamin C and B12;
  • any fast food (but this also applies to any other time of the year);
  • products with an excessive amount of preservatives, containing trans fats, subjected to strong heat treatment.

What do you still need to eat in order to simultaneously put your body in order, not gain excess weight and get the necessary amount of vitamins? This:

  • products with minimal industrial and thermal processing: you need vitamins, and the less processing the product undergoes, the more vitamins it can retain. It can be unpolished rice, unrefined vegetable oil, wholemeal bread, meat instead of sausages;
  • vegetables, herbs, sauerkraut, citrus fruits and pomegranates. Unfortunately, due to storage conditions, most of the useful properties of greens are lost, so remember that greens can be grown on your own windowsill, and vegetables and berries can be frozen in the fall;
  • nuts, seeds, dried fruits, honey – they can be consumed separately from each other, or together. If you add lemon juice to the mixture, you get one of the best remedies for anemia;
  • germinated grains, soy sprouts;
  • be sure to leave chocolate and bananas in the diet – serotonin and a feeling of joy during spring mood swings are especially necessary;
  • multivitamin complex (it is advisable to consult a doctor first).

Proper nutrition is good to supplement with various healthy drinks. Herbal teas, decoctions of wild rose, dried blueberries, viburnum are perfect. For example, this recipe will help to cope with a lack of strength: a mixture of St. John’s wort, nettle leaves, blackberries, yasnitka flowers should be brewed in a thermos, left for three hours and drunk as tea three times a day after meals. Another excellent remedy is pomegranate juice, preferably freshly squeezed. And ginger and raspberry tea are not only useful, but also help to lose weight.

Morning should start with a glass of water drunk on an empty stomach along with a spoonful of honey or squeezed lemon juice, so the body prepares for a meal.

Detox diets

With diets at this time of the year, you should be especially careful. Do not drastically limit the body in food and the vitamins it needs. A more correct way will be a properly selected diet and food ration, as well as a large amount of water consumed.

It is in the spring that the body is renewed, so at this time it is good to carry out various cleansing procedures. If you are still very worried about extra pounds and uncomfortable sensations, you can try a special cleansing diet, or the so-called detox diet. So your body will not have time to experience stress and will be prepared for spring.

The classic detox diet involves the transition to the “fruits-vegetables” system. In the first half of the day, it is allowed to eat fruits without restrictions, in the second half – vegetables in any form: fresh, baked, steamed. Below is one of the options for a detox diet with a few additions.

Cleansing Diet:

  • On an empty stomach before breakfast, drink two glasses of water with squeezed lemon juice. After half an hour, eat one fruit (for example, grapefruit), after that – a serving of unpolished rice or millet porridge with olive oil, preferably cold-pressed;
  • for lunch and dinner, steam vegetables and add olive oil and a little spice;
  • if the feeling of hunger is difficult to endure, you can include an additional 100-200 g of legumes or poultry meat in your diet.

Tulsi tea, the so-called Indian basil, is good for cleansing the body. This tea is actively used in Ayurvedic practice and replaces caffeinated drinks. You can use either fresh leaves or dry ones.

Tulsi tea: pour two teaspoons of dried tulsi leaves with boiling water (you will have to take twice as much fresh) and let it brew for a few minutes, you can add ginger.

Thus, following a number of simple combinations and rules, you can prepare for spring.

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