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Vasily Stepanov: depression and spinal problems

The artist had every chance to become a screen star. A prominent, well-built blond with blue eyes, he easily got a role in Bondarchuk’s ambitious project “Inhabited Island”. Together with Stepanov, Yulia Snigir played – her name is familiar to almost everyone and it’s a sin to complain about her career. Unfortunately, few people remember her partner.

Friends and family are sure that the young man was initially unable to cope with the attention that fell upon him after the premiere of the film. Rather, there was attention, but there are no specific job offers. Stepanov was not ready to knock on thresholds and run around castings – the first nervous breakdown happened. Then everyone remembers the news that the actor fell out of the window under unclear circumstances. Then he awkwardly slipped in the entrance and again injured his spine … Many then reproached Bondarchuk for troubles, he could have helped his former protégé. And they say that Fedor Sergeevich helped the artist. And many colleagues too.

Few people know that the artist was diagnosed with manic depression, and his relatives took an impressive amount on credit for treatment. In addition, Stepanov was undergoing treatment at the Kashchenko clinic. The artist later had shootings in low-budget films, but they definitely did not bring him fame and money. Eh, the proverb: “Do not be born beautiful” in his case, the first comes to mind.

Singer MakSim: the consequences of the accident and burnout

This singer knows fame and success well. Her songs sounded from every iron, her face adorned the covers of many magazines, fans eagerly caught news about her personal life – the performer went through a difficult divorce and for a long time did not show the face of her youngest daughter. And then, after a great success, health problems began. In 2019, the artist had an accident – however, many did not believe this story for a number of reasons, although MakSim posted photos with bruises and abrasions on her face … The girl returned to the tour, but not for long. Fans discussed the artist’s changed appearance: she got better, and spiteful critics assured that the girl, judging by her behavior on stage, had problems with alcohol.

In any case, some time later, an announcement followed that MakSim was going on an indefinite sabbatical for health reasons. The representative of the singer referred to the injuries received in the accident, the endless tour, which exhausted the artist and the mother of two children. She gave herself time to restore her health and pay more attention to her family.

Alexei Yanin: stroke and coma

The star of the series “Club” suffered a stroke six years ago and fell into a coma. He has not yet returned to active life. Relatives say the cause of the stroke is overwork, a busy filming schedule – this could lead to a serious malfunction in the body. Alas, stroke has long been diagnosed in young people. And men are more likely to be at risk.

The doctors managed to bring Yanin out of a coma, but he is unlikely to be able to return to his usual life. The actor is looked after by his parents and wife. There are positive developments: Aleksey speaks a little, moves his arms and legs, recognizes his loved ones. Colleagues of the artist have repeatedly organized fundraising for his treatment and rehabilitation. Without filming, the artist and his family lost their usual level of income.

The actor’s wife is offended when news appears that Alexei is on the mend and is about to return to work. “Lesha has a very serious diagnosis. The body is slowly getting stronger. It is very difficult to explain, but when you say even a word about his success, people already think that he will run to work almost tomorrow, ”the actor’s wife notes bitterly.

Katya Li: spinal injury

The beautiful brunette Katya Lee left the Fabrika group a long time ago. Not everyone knows, but the reason was also health problems. Both physical and mental. On the set of the video “Don’t Be Born Beautiful,” the girl rode a snow-white horse without a saddle. In the frame it looks beautiful, but in fact it requires a very good physical shape and riding experience. The girl received a rather serious spinal injury, which was accompanied by back pain. Plus, the imprint was left by conflicts with colleagues in the group. After a short time, Lee left the group. According to her, by staying, she risked being left without children – treatment was required.

At 36, Katya has not yet become a mother, she moved to New York. Judging by the English-language entries in her account, the ex-soloist of the group is quite satisfied with life: she has her own clothing brand, which makes it possible to provide for herself. And the music and scenery of New York, which has become native, serve as inspiration.

Boris Moiseev: stroke

The artist has not been seen on stage since 2020 – then he suffered a stroke. The left side of the face was paralyzed. Star colleagues, including Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule, were the first to rush to his aid. Moiseev underwent a long course of rehabilitation. He did not return to the stage, but continues to lead an almost familiar lifestyle. Occasionally goes to concerts of friends, communicates with many virtually. The housekeeper helps with the housework. Moses did not immediately, but resigned himself to the fact that he would no longer return to the viewer, but thanks them for their moral support.

Also, in such material, one cannot help but recall Anastasia Zavorotnyuk – one of the most beautiful and popular actresses has been struggling with a difficult diagnosis for two years – brain cancer. There are positive developments, judging by the rare comments of relatives and doctors, and this is the main thing. The “beautiful nanny” has a little daughter, she is loved by her husband and older children. Fans hope that sooner or later the actress will get in touch with him personally. When it comes to serious health problems, belief in a miracle becomes more relevant than ever. With all other instruments.

_Photo: GlobalLookPress, Instagram Vasily Stepanov, Kati Lee

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