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Dovlatov has a marvelous sketch of a telephone conversation. A woman calls her friend from the resort: “Can you imagine, there are very few men here. The girls leave completely unrested!” If you smiled, then, apparently, the theme of holiday novels is familiar to you. You can discuss the pros and cons of love adventures in the open spaces for a long time. You can purse your lips skeptically or blur in a mysterious smile (memories flooded), but this important moment of relaxation cannot be bypassed.

The long-awaited vacation is just around the corner. The authorities, for the sake of order, gritting their teeth, gave the go-ahead for two weeks of your happy idleness. Tickets have already been purchased for warmer climes filled with sun, sea and carefree citizens. Cream after and for sunburn is waiting in the wings in a travel bag, pushing beach slippers. And you are standing in front of the mirror, trying on (for the tenth time) shorts and T-shirts specially bought on the occasion of the vacation. Open, sexy, fashionable. A week on a fruit diet has done its noble deed and now you do not need to convulsively draw in your stomach in order for the figure to acquire the desired harmony. You are attractive, cheerful and full of the most romantic hopes. In the end, when and where else can you relax, not think about business and problems! Relax, gain strength, new experiences and, what to say, plenty of flirting – that’s what attracts us to a trip to the resort. After all, it is there that we become cheerful adventurers, even if at home we were known as blue stockings. Here everyone is single and unmarried (wearing a wedding ring in this heat?!), and everyone is relaxing, and no one will look askance if someone indulges in some excesses. It’s a resort!

Few people take such novels seriously, but hardly anyone will refuse to experience an exciting adventure – the sea gently splashes at your feet, your body casts bronze, and everyone around you thinks that you are five to ten years younger than you really are.

There is only a small nuance – it’s good if the holiday romance is pleasant and harmless. So that when you return home, you remember with slight nostalgia:

But what if, upon returning from the resort, a serious question is brewing about a visit to a gynecologist, urologist and, God forbid, to a venereologist? And this means that you rested incorrectly!

Surviving a holiday romance is an art. And to survive the right holiday romance is a whole science.

So, while there is still time before leaving for the resort, it is worth talking about extremely necessary, but not very romantic things. About protecting yourself, your beloved, from sexually transmitted diseases.

How many times have the world been told that casual sex sometimes leads to infections and diseases, but there are still careless persons who remember this when it’s too late. Indeed, how can one think about such prose as protection, when the blood boils in the veins and the chosen one tears off the remnants of clothing? You need to think about it earlier. And always keep on hand, for example in a cosmetic bag, “safety” means. Just in case. Little whether that?

“Safety” products must be purchased at pharmacies or specialized stores, and it is advisable to do this before departure. Firstly, in a foreign city, the prices for them may unpleasantly surprise you, and secondly, the choice of such products in local pharmacies may be insufficient or of insufficient quality, besides, the working hours of a resort pharmacy are not always convenient.

The most reliable means of protection was and remains condom. When used during intercourse, we simultaneously protect ourselves from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and the reliability of this method of protection is close to 100%.

The vast majority of condoms these days are made from natural latex (the sap of the rubber tree). And they are produced in Southeast Asia in areas close to the places where hevea grows (Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, China, India). Malaysian is considered the best latex. Interestingly, even if a European country is indicated on the packaging of a condom, this does not mean that they are made in Europe. Most European manufacturers have factories in Southeast Asia or order condoms from factories located in this region.

Today on sale there is a huge selection of these rubber products for every taste from different companies. It is best to purchase condoms from a reliable (well-known) company, so that later you will not be disappointed by the wretchedness of sensations and unforeseen embarrassments: condoms sometimes break, sometimes they do not fit. When buying, first of all, make sure that the product you are purchasing is properly certified, and also conduct at least a cursory inspection of it before use. Do not use a condom if its individual packaging is wrinkled, damaged or leaking, do not use it if the condom is brittle or sticky to the touch. Remember that the quality of condoms can be severely degraded if storage conditions are violated without visible signs of change. The main enemies of condoms are heat, sunlight, and substances that react with latex, such as oils. Therefore, it is recommended to store them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. And, of course, in a place that excludes the possibility of mechanical damage.

Widely spread

Reliable enough

Easy to use

Relatively inexpensive

Protects against sexually transmitted diseases and some latent genital infections

There are no restrictions on use

Does not cause side effects

Sometimes there is psychological discomfort during use

Slight decrease in sensation

Insufficiently reliable contraceptive effect compared to oral and intrauterine contraceptives

Another method of protection is the use spermicides: vaginal foam suppositories, creams and tablets. In pharmacies you can always find a wide selection of these funds. The most popular of them today is Pharmatex.

After releasing the candle from the wrapper, insert it into the vagina with your index finger immediately before sexual intercourse. After insertion, the suppository quickly melts and covers the vaginal wall with a protective layer.

A candle is usually administered no earlier than 1 hour and no later than 15 minutes before intercourse. It is possible to sequentially introduce several suppositories (with several sexual intercourses) with an interval of one hour.

There is no need to douche after using Pharmatex.

It is recommended to use Pharmatex in combination with other methods of contraception.

Pharmatex cream is injected into the vagina with a special applicator, no later than 3 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Pharmatex tablets are pre-moistened with water and injected into the vagina 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.

The Pharmatex tampon is inserted deep into the vagina up to the cervix just before intercourse. The tool can be left in the vagina for no more than a day. You can not take a bath and swim with an inserted tampon.

The action of Pharmatex is designed for only one ejaculation. With repeated sexual intercourse, additional administration of suppositories, cream, Pharmatex tablets is necessary; when using a tampon, there is no such need.

When using drugs, the use of soap is unacceptable, since it destroys the active component of the product. Only external irrigation of the genital organs with clean water is allowed 2 hours before and 2 hours after sexual intercourse.

Pharmatex should not be used for acute inflammation of the external and internal genital organs, both in women and men.

When combined with other drugs injected into the vagina, the drug may have an unpredictable effect. Therefore, before the introduction of Pharmatex, it is impossible to douche with potassium permanganate or other means.

More reliable than all known spermicides.

Easy to use.

Relatively inexpensive.

Protects against sexually transmitted diseases and some latent sexual infections.

Pharmatex can be used while breastfeeding, as it does not pass into breast milk.

Can be used in the premenopausal period.

Virtually no side effects.

Breaks down with soap.

The contraceptive effect is not reliable enough compared to oral and intrauterine contraceptives.

If you have scouted the assortment of the nearest pharmacy, found a suitable “safety” remedy and have already purchased it, now you can confidently straighten your shoulders and find out

A few optional tips
on holding a proper holiday romance.

one) Listen to the advice of psychologists and tune in to rest – if you forgot how to enjoy life and relax during the working year, then a holiday romance can bypass you.

2) Be careful. Casual acquaintances and casual sexual relations are still a big risk of catching a bad disease and trouble on your head.

3) Love adventures in nature, sung by writers (and women writers), are not as beautiful as one might think. But if the sea is knee-deep to you, try it. Only then do not complain about bruises from coastal stones, aching back and chilled internal organs – the earth is cold, scratches from vegetation and an unusually short love session, because curious vacationing citizens interfered.

4) Holiday romance does not go well with the use of large amounts of alcohol. Do not reduce a romantic adventure to the banal: “Oh, where was I yesterday, I don’t understand for the life of me, I just remember that the walls are with wallpaper …”

5) If your chosen one does not want to use a condom, then it is up to you to decide what is more important: your relationship or your own health. Perhaps, in this case, both of you will be satisfied with Pharmatex (or its equivalent).

6) Do not build far-reaching plans for a relationship with your chosen one, so that later you do not worry and do not blame the whole wide world. A holiday romance is an adventure, try to take it lightly, just like an adventure ..

And finally, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and pleasant romantic evenings. And do not forget that God saves the safe – protect yourself from STDs and return from vacation healthy and rested!

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