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Autumn is the time of active harvesting, which is why the beds are empty and it becomes somehow dull and not good from this unsightly appearance. But just look at the bright sides of the golden or orange pumpkin, which is still in the garden, as soon as the mood rises and you don’t want to think about sad things. But the thick-skinned beauty is able not only to cheer up and cheer up – it is also very good for health.

Despite the fact that its taste is very specific, it is gaining more and more popularity today. For medicinal purposes, both the pulp of this marvelous culture and the seeds are used. But in the use of grains, it is necessary to comply with the norm – up to 3 glasses a day, only then they will benefit. They also help well with diseases of the genitourinary organs and with worms. Its seeds are not only tasty, but are also considered a remedy that expels even a tapeworm. Only after eating grains should you take a laxative.

“Milk” from pumpkin seeds also helps well, which is prepared as follows: dried pumpkin seeds are ground in an earthenware vessel, gradually adding one and a half glasses of boiling water (or milk), and then filtered, squeezing out the remainder. The milk obtained in this way is drunk during the day. It must be used if there is blood in the urine or urine is retained. To sweeten this peculiar drink, you can add a little honey. And some lovers use it with buckwheat porridge.

Perfectly used for medicinal purposes and pumpkin pulp. Since ancient times, fresh pulp has been applied to inflamed places with burns, rashes, acne, eczema, etc.

The pumpkin itself as a food product is popularly considered a good diuretic, cleansing not only the kidneys, but the entire body. Therefore, this unique product will be useful for people who want to lose weight. There are no restrictions on the use of pumpkin – you can eat it as much as you want, and for any diseases. At least, it will not bring you harm, but it will improve your health thoroughly.

And what benefits it will bring to your beauty, from hair to facial skin, and do not count! For example, hair cosmetics have long used pumpkin seeds, which not only give them softness, but also perfectly heal. An emulsion is prepared from the seeds: take a medium-sized pumpkin, cut it and remove the seeds. Now rinse them well, peel them, and then grind them in a mortar until a slurry is formed. Transfer the resulting mass to a glass dish and add chilled boiled water in a ratio of 1:10. Mix everything thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained and cover tightly with a lid. Before washing your hair, separate your hair into strands and use a cotton swab to wipe the scalp and hair strands with pumpkin emulsion. Tie a cotton scarf or towel over the top. After 20-30 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo for your hair type and rinse with acidified water (1 tsp of vinegar or citric acid in a basin of water).

And you can even do from pumpkin, rich in all kinds of vitamins (C, B, PP and E, and also pumpkin contains carotene, which is more than in carrots) and minerals, wonderful face masks.

For example, if you have dry skin, then boil pumpkin pieces in a small amount of water. 2 tbsp. l. mash boiled pumpkin and add 1 tbsp. l. milk and 1 tbsp. l. olive or almond oil. Apply the resulting mixture on the skin of the face and neck for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Or another option: grate a piece of pumpkin on a fine grater, add to 2 tbsp. l. gruel 1 tsp sour cream and 3 drops of lavender oil. Apply to face for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

It is useful to wipe the face with a piece of fresh pumpkin and for acne and inflamed skin.. And you can completely overlay acne with pumpkin pulp. And do not forget that one of the most effective internal remedies for acne is pumpkin seeds, which you need to eat as much as possible.

But for oily skin, boil pumpkin pieces in a small amount of water and mash. Mix 2 tbsp. l. gruel with 1 tbsp. l. soybean oil. Apply the mask on your face for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and rinse with cold water.

Pumpkin will also save sensitive skin if it dries and flakes. This mask will help calm her down: mix 1/3 cup pumpkin juice with 3 tbsp. l. oatmeal, add 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp. l. honey. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, and then beat with a mixer. Apply the mask on pre-cleansed skin for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

If you have cracks and irritation on your lips, then the pumpkin healer will help here, or rather, her juice. Mix 1/4 cup pumpkin juice with 1 tsp. cottage cheese to get a homogeneous gruel. Apply the mixture on the lips for a few minutes, then remove with a cloth dipped in water at room temperature. Repeat this procedure several times during the day. Such a simple and affordable folk remedy will help you quickly get rid of trouble. In addition, this mask perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the delicate skin of the lips.


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