Golden time: 5 reasons to pay attention to your health in the fall

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Most of us meet autumn rested after summer holidays, tanned, built and cheerful. This is not surprising, because in our diet there were a lot of seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, and the rest, as a rule, was active. However, you should not assume that this contribution to your own health will be enough until the New Year holidays – it is not for nothing that the off-season is called the time of colds and depression.

There are at least five reasons that encourage the fair sex to pay attention to their health in the fall, and we will talk about these “bells” of well-being. Take care of yourself and take good care of yourself!

Reason one: beriberi

Summer vitamins, except, perhaps, vitamin D, do not accumulate for the future, and our body needs regular “life-giving” nourishment. Vitamins are consumed daily in various metabolic, immune and other chemical and biological processes, and during the transitional season – autumn and spring – our need for nutrients only increases, because the body needs to adapt to seasonal changes in the environment.

Solution to the problem. Firstly, consultation with your doctor will not hurt: a specialist will help you choose the right dietary supplements and multivitamins for the off-season. Secondly and most importantly, review your diet. Let it, like in summer, have a high proportion of vegetables, herbs, nuts and fruits, dairy products, fish, and the main dishes will be first and hot: soups, cereals, stews.

But in fatty, smoked, sweet and baked goods, the craving for which increases with the cold outside, it is better to limit yourself.

Reason two: seasonal exacerbations

Autumn, like spring, is the period of the year when all chronic diseases are exacerbated. At risk are those who have disorders of the cardiovascular and genitourinary systems, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, joint diseases. The change of the warm season to the cold one “hits” our body, and it, adjusting to new conditions, does not always have enough strength to protect itself, first of all, from viral infections. And when immunity fails, dormant “sores” “raise” their heads.

Solution to the problem. Knowing the peculiarities of your well-being in the off-season, you can take preventive measures in advance: adjust the daily routine and nutrition, do not forget about outdoor walks, hardening. And, of course, it is important to be regularly observed by the attending physician and follow his recommendations, because few people can boast of health “like that of an astronaut”.

Reason three: the transition to “winter time”

If, fortunately, you belong to the category of relatively healthy people, then additional attention to your well-being in the fall will not hurt you. Help the body to harmoniously prepare for the season of cold weather, colds and little sunshine (short daylight hours). Someone buys a subscription to the pool, someone buys an ionizer for the house, the third begins to take immunomodulators, the fourth changes jogging in the park for a gym … Being healthy is fashionable today!

Solution to the problem. Changes in the mode of work and rest, normal sleep duration (7–9 hours), nutrition correction (more hot meals, protein foods, etc.); daily face and body care with an emphasis on moisturizing and protecting the skin; influenza vaccination and other preventive measures.

Reason #4: Stress at work

Autumn is a traditional peak time for business activity, and new projects and responsibilities, an increase in workload, may have a positive effect on a career and income, but not always well – on well-being. The influence of stress on the body is many-sided and destructive: neither the state of health nor the reflection in the mirror pleases …

In today’s world, on a scale of stressful professions, office workers “press” the military, police, firefighters and doctors. Like many white-collar workers, are you ready to pay for a successful career with your health?

Solution to the problem. Psychologists suggest that in order not to accumulate negative experiences and fatigue, you need to observe only two conditions: try to regularly receive new impressions and be able to relax. There are many options for this: travel, and communication with children, and fitness, and your favorite hobby, and massage or beauty treatments in a beauty salon. Choose what gives you the most satisfaction!

Reason Five: Delicate discomfort

Many of the fair sex know firsthand that in the off-season, the insidious thrush (chronic recurrent vaginal candidiasis) returns. All of us, women, want everything at once, but, unfortunately, this will not work out with a victory over thrush. A quick one-day treatment is not always effective, and the disappearance of symptoms does not mean that the problem has been solved – after some time the disease will remind itself again.

This happens especially often in the fall, as there are many provoking factors: cold and dampness, wet feet, acclimatization after holidays in the southern latitudes, overload at work and other adverse conditions make it possible for vaginal candidiasis to return triumphantly …

And if unpleasant symptoms: severe itching, burning, cheesy discharge and leucorrhea, unpleasant odor, discomfort and pain during intercourse are already disturbing, it’s time to take urgent measures and drive the uninvited “guest” away!

Solution to the problem. For the prevention and treatment of the first symptoms of thrush, use Livarol. This is one of the fastest acting modern and highly effective remedies against thrush (vulvovaginal candidiasis) with an innovative polyethylene oxide base. “Livarol” will relieve itching, discharge and cleanse the vaginal mucosa. The active substance of the drug – ketoconazole – destroys the protective shell of the culprit of thrush, a fungus of the genus Candida, and has antibacterial properties.

Due to the local action, “Livarol” does not have an additional drug load and works very quickly. The drug is available without a prescription in packs of 5 or 10 suppositories, approved for use even in pregnant women (from the second trimester). Before use, read the instructions for the drug and (or) consult with your gynecologist.

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Beautiful and bright autumn to you – and excellent well-being in the off-season!

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