Good sleep: what is needed for this?

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At the beginning of winter, daylight hours are getting shorter, but a modern person, who has long been weaned from natural biorhythms, almost does not react to this consciously, in any case, he definitely does not change his usual routine for everyday life. And then we wonder where our sleep problems and feeling of lethargy come from.

Why does our body arrange a “strike in the sleepy kingdom”? December not only pleases us with the anticipation of the long-awaited New Year holidays, but also confronts us with an inexorable fact: it gets brighter late in the morning, it gets dark early in the evening… It would seem that it’s time to go to bed early and get enough sleep, but for some reason everything happens exactly the opposite… The question of how to avoid feeling sleepy and improve the quality of sleep is the focus of Goodshapetips.

Secrets of good sleep

A strict person will say that with sleep problems it is best to take sleeping pills, and the owner of a good sense of humor will add: there is nothing more effective for sound sleep than a clear conscience. But seriously, you can improve the quality of sleep with the help of simple recommendations that take into account the needs and mood of our body in the winter.

Secret number 1: give yourself a good evening

By winter, metabolic processes slow down – it’s time to relax more. We, unfortunately, do not change our lifestyle: we watch TV or surf the Internet at midnight, killing time rather than enjoying it. And evening classes program our sleep … Use this rule to your advantage: watch a good cartoon with your children before going to bed, listen to pleasant calm music, read a light book or take an hour to your favorite hobby. This will help you fall asleep with a positive attitude and without worries.

Secret number 2: we take an example … from kids

What do our colleagues and household members, and ourselves, most often complain about? Of course, everyone didn’t get enough sleep. But, to be honest, we are used to falling asleep very late, allocating only 5-7 hours a day for sleep. To overcome drowsiness, “baby night” will help: at least one day a week, try to go to bed at 22.00, as recommended for children. Multi-colored dreams and morning vivacity are provided to you – and no lack of sleep!

Secret #3: Get your emotions in order

What to do when no innocent tricks: a good book, a glass of warm milk at night, a pleasant and calm evening spent, and even an honest attempt to go to bed early – do not help? Probably, it’s not about your lifestyle, but about the fatigue of the nervous system accumulated over a long time. Emotional female nature leads to a state of magnesium deficiency – “a trace element of good mood and the most important building material of nerve cells.”

Therefore, in winter it is useful, after consulting with a specialist, to drink a course MAGNE B6® forte. It is easily absorbed, helping to replenish the supply of magnesium, which is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses. original french product MAGNE B6® forte can help promote the health of the nervous system and return you to calm and sound sleep. Now you can say goodbye to feeling sleepy and feel energized and alert throughout the day!

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There are contraindications. It is necessary to consult with a specialist.

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