Great Lent: how to strengthen the spirit without weakening the body?

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This year, believers are holding Great Lent until mid-April. In fact, fasting is more of a vegetarian diet, that is, a restriction in animal products, and therefore in the beneficial substances that these products contain.

Against the background of a general beriberi, inevitable in the spring, fasting for urban residents is not only a spiritual test. Now our body is exhausted: after a long winter, we do not have enough strength, immunity is weakened, and internal energy is barely enough for a day.

Therefore, lean food, not rich in protein and B vitamins, can only aggravate physical fatigue. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to save energy, even during fasting: an active lifestyle full of deeds and responsibilities will not allow us to do this.

What should we do so that our spiritual aspirations do not harm our health? Goodshapetips has prepared accessible recommendations for everyone who fasts.

To post was a joy

If the health of the spirit helps us to maintain fasting, then the health of the body provides immunity. You can strengthen it in several ways. First, change your lifestyle: give up bad habits, normalize sleep, go in for sports.

Secondly, eat right. That is, again, eat food rich in vitamins, micro and macro elements. If the first point does not contradict (rather, on the contrary) the rules of those who fast, then in the second case we are faced with the problem of a lack of vitamins.

Vitamin-mineral complexes can help compensate for the lack of nutrients from animal foods. For example, VITRUM®. It contains 13 vitamins and 17 minerals.

Due to the balanced composition, the body receives these necessary elements in the right proportions. In particular, the vitamin-mineral complex contains all the necessary B vitamins (normalize the activity of the immune system), vitamin PP (improves lipid metabolism, lowers total cholesterol), as well as manganese, zinc (promotes metabolism and absorption of other vitamins) and chromium (is of great importance in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats).

Fasting without compromising health

Of course, fasting is not only a rejection of meat and dairy foods, but also internal work on oneself. However, even this work in the modern rhythm of life requires strength, energy, and hence additional resources. Proven vitamin-mineral complex, in particular, VITRUM®, help find these resources.

So, in this complex, vitamins A, E, C, B6, B1 and minerals – zinc, selenium, and iron are “responsible” for immunity. One of the most important components of health is metabolism. It is he who ensures the absorption of nutrients, their conversion into energy, as well as the removal of metabolic products from the body.

B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, manganese, chromium, calcium, iodine, sulfur – they all normalize metabolism at different levels, which means they ensure the full functioning of the body. The health of the body is supported by another factor – the “work” of antioxidants, which protect cells from the action of free radicals.

Free radicals are formed as a result of oxidative reactions, causing premature aging of cells. Antioxidants resist this process – that is, all the same vitamins (A, E, C) and minerals (selenium, copper, manganese, zinc).

Thus, all the micro and macro elements necessary to maintain the health of the body are in VITRUM®. Moreover, the components of this vitamin-mineral complex are selected in optimal dosages, taking into account the daily needs of an adult.

Light and bright fasting for you, strengthening the spirit and body!

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