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Soreness in the spine, mobility disorders, osteochondrosis and other back problems can occur even in children. What can we say about adults who sit for hours in the office in a static position, moving little and not doing their back at all.

Such people simply need a recovery technique for the back, but it is not easy to choose it, especially if the spine is unhealthy. To prevent problems, you can do gymnastics, having previously discussed the chosen technique with a neurologist or orthopedist.

Class methods

Today, there are many different methods of training for a problem back. However, when choosing specific exercises, stretch marks and postures must take into account the condition of the back. After – compare the advantages, disadvantages and contraindications of the technique and choose the one you need.

First of all, you need to proceed from what the purpose of your exercises is: to prevent possible disorders (for example, scoliosis) or to stop the progression of the disease.

Many diseases of the spine and related organs do not allow exercise, and even simple home exercises can do more harm than good. However, on the other hand, one of the most effective solutions is regular exercise.

At back painlimited mobility in certain areas of the spine, its curvature or other disorders, it is necessary to select gymnastics according to the diagnosis together with the attending physician.

What not to do

In “vertebral” gymnastics there are some prohibitions. When exercising with problematic thoracic and lumbar regions, sharp bends, twists are unacceptable, and for some of the diseases it is impossible to bend over in gymnastics at all, or it is forbidden to do it in a certain direction (back, forward).

Problems in the cervical spine, where the coronary arteries pass, are the most serious in terms of training. When performing some exercises, you may feel dizzy, jump in pressure, and even have a stroke. Also, sudden movements and rotations of the head are unacceptable.

You should not choose a complex consisting of many complex movements: the basis of spinal health is systematic exercises in complicating. If you start abruptly and actively, you can overstrain the muscles and increase pain, instead of treatment and prevention.

Medical complexes

There are several well-known therapeutic and prophylactic complexes for exercising with a problematic spine. They have fairly wide indications for use, and they can be used in consultation with the doctor at home. Let’s discuss the techniques in more detail.

Qigong is from China

This is a traditional national gymnastics that allows the Chinese to keep fit. No wonder the Chinese sages consider the spine to be the “tree of life”, the health of almost all internal organs and the general well-being of the body depend on its health. When performing qigong gymnastics, the correct circulation of qi, that is, the vital force of the body, which depends mainly on the spine, is restored.

Indications for qigong therapy are injuries, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including old ones.

The technique works well, but without an experienced coach or mentor, mastering it is almost impossible, in some cases it can even be dangerous. If you want to use this technique, the results will be excellent, but you will need to change your lifestyle and even thinking, find an experienced instructor and do it systematically. Such gymnastics helped even hopelessly ill patients to get out of bed.

You will see what qigong is, as well as listen to the opinion of expert Alexei Soshchenko and find out what the purpose of this gymnastics is, for whom it is intended by watching the video:

Gymnastics of Tibet

This gymnastics is called the “Eye of the Renaissance”, and its goal is to rejuvenate the body by activating energy, improving mobility and eliminating congestion. When carrying out these exercises, the mobility of the joints improves, maintaining their health. In addition, gymnastics helps with spinal dysfunction, pinched nerves, and helps in the fight against osteochondrosis.

Attention! For problems with the cervical spine, this gymnastics must be performed extremely carefully, it can be dangerous if you bend your head sharply or incorrectly. In order not to lead to compression of the intervertebral discs, back bending exercises should be performed very delicately, do not throw your head back, but pull it up, gradually bend over so that the spine is stretched. All this is best done under the guidance of an instructor.

You can get acquainted with the gymnastics of the Tibetan monks “Eye of the Renaissance” with the help of this video instruction. If you decide to try gymnastics without an instructor, do the exercises slowly, listening to your own body. However, it is best to find a good coach.

Medical complexes (continued)

Gymnastics according to Strelnikova

This surname is associated with breathing exercises, although this author also has a special treatment technique for the scoliotic spine. It is based on all the same breathing practices, but they are aimed at renewing cartilage and muscle tissue. This gymnastics strengthens and develops the muscles on the back, thereby contributing to the alignment of the spine, and prevents the development of osteochondrosis.

For good results, regular training is necessary for a long time, but these methods are practically devoid of contraindications – they can be used by everyone, from babies to the elderly.

Strelnikova’s breathing exercises are taught and popularized by her student Mikhail Shchetinin.

Isometric activities

Many problems of the spine lie in the weakness of the muscular corset, which causes injuries during stress or stress. To avoid this, it is necessary back muscle training using the isometric method. It does not injure cartilage and joint zones, the muscles work actively, become flexible and strong.

Such exercises are of particular benefit for problems in the cervical region, where infringement and pain are most common.

We offer you a training video on isometric gymnastics from Tamir Sheikh, an international master of sports in hand-to-hand combat.


Whatever method you want to use, it is worth starting classes after the recommendation and permission of the doctor, under the guidance of an experienced trainer, physical therapy instructor. They will show you the right exercises, they will monitor the loads and will not allow you to get injured.

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