Hands off your face: what will happen to your skin if you stop touching it constantly

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What threatens a bad habit

Most often, we unconsciously touch our faces with our hands. For example, while working at a computer or watching TV, we scratch our nose, prop our chin, or cheeks without noticing. The habit of touching your face unnecessarily is so commonplace that many do it without thinking. Online correspondence with a colleague – we rub the forehead and the back of the head, leaf through the Instagram feed over morning coffee and rub our nose and cheeks, touch our lips with our fingers – everyone has their own “addictions”. If it seems to you that you personally do not do this, then most likely it only seems to you!

Why should you get rid of this habit? It’s no secret that millions of bacteria accumulate on our brushes. Doorknobs, furniture, telephones, computers, elevator buttons, banknotes: during the day we touch many things that are far from sterile. Washing our hands recently, in connection with the situation with the coronavirus, has become a habit for us, but still we should not forget that then we immediately take objects on which bacteria have accumulated. The latter, when ingested, can cause a rash, herpes, or allergic reactions. Due to the fact that dirt gets on the skin of the face, the pores are clogged, acne and redness may appear.

Stop rubbing your eyes

This is definitely worth remembering for people with problem skin. Bacteria that cause acne get on the face from the hands. Black dots form on the face, and scars may even appear in place of acne. A long-term habit of touching your face can also lead to the formation of wrinkles. From this, folds appear on the skin, which eventually turn into deep wrinkles, in addition, it can even cause sagging cheeks. By the way, it is also not worth wiping your face intensively with a towel, it is better to gently get wet.

Many of us also have the habit of rubbing our eyes. You shouldn’t do this. Sometimes, by scratching your face, you can quietly rub your eyes, and this can lead to infection getting into your eyes from dirty hands. Especially careful should be those who wear contact lenses. If something gets into the eye and you need to remove a mote or eyelash, then you should thoroughly wash your hands before that, or even better, clean the corner of the eye with a cotton swab.

How many times do we do this

An experiment conducted by American doctors with college students showed that 26 students touched their faces an average of 23 times per hour. During the coronavirus outbreak, doctors around the world, including WHO, urged people not only to wash their hands as often and thoroughly as possible, but also not to touch their faces even with clean hands. I still urge you to reach out to your face less and wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Keep an antiseptic and wet wipes in your purse next to your lipstick – this is now a must have.

Do not forget to pay attention to the morning and evening ritual of washing. The face should be cleansed in several stages: micellar water, cleansing foam or gel, tonic.

Finally, to get rid of the habit of touching your face, you need to activate self-control. And as soon as you achieve success in this, you will notice pretty quickly how much better and cleaner your skin has become.

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