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Hardening is a system of regular activities aimed at increasing the overall resistance, adaptive ability of the body and strengthening its defenses.

Hardening can be started at any time of the year, at any age.

The essence of hardening is a gradual increase in the duration and strength of the impact of various physical factors: air, temperature, sun, etc.

General principles of hardening:

  • hardening should be carried out gradually, slowly increasing the duration of the procedures and the strength of the influencing factor
  • tempering procedures should be carried out regularly
  • a break in hardening procedures (for example, on the occasion of illness) should be no more than 5-7 days, if more – start all over again
  • hardening should bring joy, if you act through force, with a bad mood, then hardening will not benefit

air hardening

The mildest way to influence the body, which is well tolerated and easily dosed. Shown even to newborn children.

Air baths can be taken at any time of the year. It is important that the initial air temperature is at least 20aboutC for adults. The initial duration of air baths should be no more than 4-5 minutes. Gradually, the air temperature should be reduced to 14-15 aboutC, and increase the duration of the procedures to 1-1.5 hours. To lower the air temperature in the room, resort to ventilation then move on to outdoor activities. Air baths must be taken every day.

After 10-15 days, they move on to walking barefoot. To begin with, give up indoor shoes, and in the summer you can go out barefoot on the street, not in the river, in the forest, in the country. It is better to make summer barefoot walks in the early morning and evening, regardless of the weather. Gradually, your feet will get used to the lower temperature and you will be able to walk barefoot in autumn and winter.

Hardening by water and sun

water hardening

On the 20-25th day of air baths, you can move on to hardening water procedures. The easiest and gentlest way to start water hardening is to wash your face, hands and feet daily with cool water. The initial water temperature should be 20-25 aboutC, gradually reduce it to 15-17 aboutFROM. Pay special attention to your feet, who, being protected by shoes, are not accustomed to temperature changes.

The next step is rubdowns. Start wiping with water at room temperature. After wiping, do not wipe with a towel. The initial air temperature in the room should be at least 18 aboutFROM. Rubbing is carried out along the lymph flow with massage movements: from the bottom up, towards the heart.

After 2-3 weeks of rubdowns, you can proceed to dousing with water, a contrast shower and baths.

Most importantly, do not bring yourself to chills. If discomfort occurs during the hardening procedures, the water temperature should be increased or the duration of the procedures should be reduced.

hardening by the sun

The sun’s rays have a bactericidal effect, warm the skin, improve tissue nutrition, participate in the production of vitamin D, and have a pronounced effect on the immune system.

sunbathing it is necessary to take in a headdress and strictly dose the time spent in the sun. The best time for sunbathing is from 8-9 to 11-12 in the morning and from 16-17 to 18-19 in the afternoon. The initial time in the sun is 10-15 minutes, then it is increased to 2-3 hours.

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