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A family is a small universe where everything should be in harmony. And a woman is the keeper of harmony, in whose gentle and caring hands comfort, mutual understanding and love are concentrated. She wants to be beautiful, to love and be loved, to raise and educate children. She also wants to use a method of contraception that would give her the opportunity to enjoy the fullness of love. She takes care of her husband, children, and she does not want to worry about protection from unwanted pregnancy, so she would prefer a long-term method. And if she is a real mistress, then she will always choose the best for herself and her family, but will not overpay.

One of the modern methods of contraception, well suited to those women in whose families there are strong relationships, which means that the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections is minimal, is the intrauterine device.. The effectiveness of this method of protection against unwanted pregnancy is 98%. And most importantly – the spiral provides contraception for a long time – from 3 to 5 years.

The spiral should not be used by nulliparous women and those who have more than one sexual partner. But in any case, before deciding to use a spiral, you should definitely consult a good doctor, only he can tell if this method is right for you! To avoid possible side effects and complications, it is very important to choose a coil with reliable, proven quality. Therefore, ask your gynecologist about Multiload, a spiral that is deservedly popular with Russian gynecologists. An important difference of this spiral is the naturalness of the form – the rounded shoulders of the spiral repeat the shape of the body, because in the female body there are no right angles. In addition, the coil is made using special materials that reduce the risk of infections.

And remember: only a doctor can insert a spiral!

It is no secret that the economic aspect often plays an important role in choosing a contraceptive method. After all, every mother wants her children to receive the freshest products, the most beautiful clothes, the most wonderful toys. And often a woman thinks before spending something on herself.

You can’t save on your health, it’s better to choose a proven quality and natural form. Moreover, given that this spiral provides five years of reliable contraception, you will spend very little money on your health per day. Agree, every woman can afford it.

The principle of the contraceptive action of the spiral is quite multifaceted. Here are just a few of them:

  • Detrimental effect on spermatozoa
  • Reducing the life span of the egg
  • The spiral prevents the egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus

The pregnancy rate with IUDs is low, 2-3 cases per 100 women using the IUD during the year. In general, this does not pose a particular danger to the fetus, and in most cases the pregnancy is successfully carried and ends with the birth of a healthy child. However, such pregnant women are under special control, since the incidence of various complications, especially infectious ones, is higher. The presence of an IUD in the uterus during pregnancy does not lead to birth defects or malformations in newborns.

Yes, sports and any physical exercise can be done as usual. Spiral fallout is extremely rare. If this does happen, it is in most cases during the first few weeks after the injection, usually during menstruation. Therefore, it is recommended to limit physical activity during menstruation. If you use the Multiload coil, then its anatomical, natural shape allows you to securely hold the coil in the uterine cavity.

If the spiral still fell out or there are doubts about the normality of its position, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

In the presence of cervical erosion, the use of an IUD is not recommended, since the tendrils of the IUD may influence erosion.

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