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When the head is bursting with pain, we are ready to give everything in the world to drown it out. We swallow the first painkillers that came to hand. We put cold compresses on the forehead or massage the temples. What is actually hidden behind such a malaise and how to avoid it? After all, there can be a great many causes of a headache, and those medicinal drugs and medical techniques that will help in one case may even be harmful in another.

One of the reasons, rooted in your deep childhood, is birth trauma, lack of oxygen in the fetus. In this case, a displacement of the cervical vertebrae could occur, one of which slightly compresses a nearby blood vessel. In this way, blood supply is disturbed in one of the parts of the brain, resulting in a headache, most often declaring itself in the temples, forehead and crown.

Another common reason is vegetative-vascular dystonia. This condition is the result of “brain fatigue” due to the wrong daily routine (often this occurs during school years), excessive workload and regular lack of sleep. Most often it occurs in women, especially during puberty, during pregnancy and menopause.

headache, sometimes accompanied by nosebleeds, appears in people dependent on natural phenomena. True, someone may react with a headache the day before, someone on the same day or a day later.

She can be consequences of injuries and injuries of the skull, brain, when, due to a bruise, the outflow of fluid from the cavities of the ventricles of the brain is disturbed, increased intracranial pressure occurs, and the inflow and outflow of blood is disturbed. The result is headaches.

Highly Severe headaches could be a sign of a growing brain tumor and are often accompanied by loss of consciousness, double vision, vomiting. This occurs due to the compression of the vessels and cavities of the ventricle of the brain by the tumor.

Headache can be caused a migraine attack (from French “migraine” is translated as “half of the head”). Moreover, the attack, as a rule, captures either the right or left side of the head. Sometimes the pain moves from one half to the other and very rarely spreads to the whole head. Typically, an attack begins with a blackout in the eyes, flickering of “flies”, geometric shapes, and even “lightning bolts”. Then there is an unbearable throbbing pain in half of the head. It is often accompanied by dizziness, general malaise, nausea, vomiting, which, however, slightly alleviates the condition.

But migraine is not the most common type of headache. Headache is much more common tension pain and pain from trigeminal neuralgia.

Wrong glasses can also be one of the causes of headaches. Therefore, if you wear glasses, check whether they are correctly selected, whether it is time to weaken or strengthen the glasses, buy a wider frame.

Don’t sit too long in front of the TV or computer. Remember that they screens, even with a high degree of protection, affect the brain with their radiation, causing vasospasm and, as a result, headache, fatigue, depression. Dose the time spent at the TV, and when working with a computer, be sure to take a short break.

When reading books or magazines, try to be in a well-lit room.It is desirable that the lighting comes from the left side. Also make sure that the distance to the book is at least 30 cm. Failure to follow these very simple reading rules can also lead to so-called eye fatigue, which is often manifested by a headache.

Stress causes headaches. It in turn causes stress. To break this vicious circle since ancient times, there is a proven means – complete relaxation. Try to make love, because postcoital euphoria itself already alleviates stress due to substances released under the influence of pleasant sensations during sex, muscular and psychological tension is noticeably reduced or completely removed.

In a state of fever, with a high temperature, a person is also prone to experience headache and weakness. With a colda recipe for elderberry tincture on vodka can help with a headache.

It is not difficult to prepare it:Pour 50 g of dried elderberry flowers with half a liter of vodka, insist in a dark place for two weeks, not forgetting to shake occasionally. Then strain and take a teaspoon 3-4 times a day before meals. You can drink water.

A sharp deterioration in well-being and the appearance of a headache can occur withan increase or decrease in blood pressure (which, by the way, is able to develop in any person, regardless of his gender and age), during critical days in women or before they begin.

In general, a headache in a person can happen from anything. So, for example, with the approach of a vacation, when you need to decide: where to go, how much money you need to have, so as not to deny yourself anything if possible. The same can happen with exams approaching, promotions, upcoming important events, etc. Headaches can cause perfume and household odors.

In some cases, to avoid the onset of a headache, you should fall asleep.. Sleep in this situation is the best medicine to prevent a severe headache.

Remember that the sooner you begin to fight the emerging attack of pain, the easier it will be for you to endure. Be sure to know several factors that provoke an attack of pain:chronic lack of sleep, physical and mental overwork, stressful conditions, overheating or hypothermia, long stay in a stuffy room. Adjust your daily routine, sleep in a well-ventilated room, eliminate lack of sleep.

Svetlana Shuklina.

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