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What if our beautiful and slender legs are in danger? Varicose veins lie in wait for us well, just at every turn! Hormonal changes, for example, during pregnancy, physical inactivity (lack of movement), improper physical activity, and hereditary predisposition can also provoke the development of the disease. Is there a reliable means of preventing this disease and what to do if the problem of varicose veins has already affected you? If we increasingly notice the appearance of new dilated veins, feel pain and heaviness in the legs, feel discomfort and swelling?

Is there a better alternative to surgery than wearing compression stockings all the time and taking expensive medications?

Answer: hirudotherapy

And in a different way – treatment with leeches, an ancient natural remedy for combating many ailments! Let’s try to find out how the leech heals our veins and relieves us of all the symptoms of varicose veins:

The most important effect of leech saliva extract in the treatment of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis is the antithrombotic effect. those. normalization of the mechanism of blood coagulation and resistance to the formation of new blood clots (blood clots) in venous vessels. After all, it is venous blood clots that lead to stretching of the walls of the veins and a deterioration in their patency. When a leech bites, an extract of its saliva enters the bloodstream, which thins the blood and promotes the resorption of blood clots and clots. This action is provided by biologically active substances (enzymes) that are produced by the salivary glands of medical leeches (hirudin, destabilase, elastase, collagenase, etc.).

Hirudin is the most studied component of leech secretion. Its action has long been recognized by doctors and pharmacists as an effective tool for the prevention and treatment of such serious diseases as thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, pre-infarction and post-infarction conditions, strokes, etc.

By synthesizing drugs based on hirudin, doctors, without the help of leeches, have learned to slow down blood clotting. However, dissolving a formed blood clot is a more difficult task than preventing new ones from developing. If a blood clot arose a long time ago, then even the most modern and expensive drugs will not be able to dissolve it. But the bites of the good old leech successfully cope with almost any blood clots! And doctors were repeatedly convinced of this in the treatment of advanced thrombophlebitis, when hirudotherapy freed the patient’s veins from “obstacles” and restored normal blood circulation.

Recently, it has been proven that the leading role in the destruction of blood clots is still played not by hirudin and its related hyaluronidase, but by another enzyme of “leech” origin – destabilase.

Destabilase and leech prostanoids determine not only the thrombolytic (clot-absorbing) properties of leech saliva, but also the anti-sclerotic effect of the secret (fights sclerotic plaques in the vessels). Leech secrets, among other things, have a powerful antibacterial and analgesic effect, and therefore hirudotherapy helps a sick person in the fight against a number of infectious diseases.

And the leech enzyme, orgelase, even promotes the formation of new blood vessels. After all, leeches, like many worms, are capable of regeneration (self-healing of their tissues and organs), and when bitten, this ability is, as it were, “transferred” to the tissues of the human circulatory system. As a result, edema and blood clots in the walls of the vessels dissolve, the normal movement of fluids in the affected organ is restored, and this effect continues even after the removal of the leech. This property of leech enzymes is now used in microsurgery when transplanting skin flaps or autotransplantation.

A special section of hirudology –hirudoflexotherapy. Doctors who are well aware of the mechanism of the effect of a leech on the human body believe that it intuitively knows how to find reflexogenic zones (points) on human skin and sticks in them, which makes the bite especially healing. Therefore, qualified therapists put leeches exactly in those zones that are responsible for the healing of a particular organ.

So, hirudotherapy has a whole range of therapeutic effects on the veins affected by varicose veins: improvement of capillary blood flow, removal of excessive load from “problem” veins, elimination of edema, decrease in blood viscosity, analgesic effect, acceleration of blood flow in the vessels, elimination of congestion in the blood and lymph flow.

After the course of hirudotherapy, you will notice not only the disappearance of the visible symptoms of varicose veins (reduction of varicose vessels translucent through the skin, capillary nets and “stars”), but also find a significant improvement in overall well-being. You will say goodbye to “chronic fatigue syndrome”, put your blood pressure in order, cleanse your liver and improve the functioning of almost all internal organs!

Hirudotherapy prevents the development and avoids many terrible complications of varicose veins and other vascular diseases, such as myocardial infarction, hemorrhagic stroke, trophic ulcers of the lower extremities.

Hirudotherapy can be used at any stage of varicose veins and with its complications. But it is most expedient and important to start treatment at the initial stage of the disease.

Unfortunately, since varicose veins and thrombophlebitis always develop rather slowly, we often go to the doctor already in the “advanced” stage of the disease. But the sooner treatment is started, the more complete will be the effect of leech enzymes on the circulatory system.

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