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According to Xu Chunxing, “Oriental and Western medicine are just different slopes of the same mountain, on top of which is the patient’s health. All doctors strive for this goal, they just go their own ways, seeing different landscapes. But we have one goal.” In his practice, the doctor skillfully uses modern hardware diagnostics and European pharmaceuticals in combination with traditional Chinese methods of treatment, as well as predicting a certain period of a patient’s life using the I Ching – the Book of Changes. Dr. Xu’s theory combines the method of knowing the Universe through the principle of the unity of man and nature and many methods of the Great Limit (Yin-Yang, Five Elements, Chinese calendar), thinking in the key of analogies and comparisons, forecasting based on current data, physiology of channels and organs in Chinese medicine , the theory of the circulation of qi energy, talks on medical and philosophical topics, balancing yin and yang, modern medical technologies. All those who achieved great success in medicine were connoisseurs of the Book of Changes and masterfully combined forecasting according to the I-ching with diagnostics and treatment by medical methods. Medicine and I Ching are naturally interconnected, they complement each other perfectly.

Problems with the fire of optimism

The coming year 2019 is marked by two hieroglyphic signs – the celestial stem 己 Yin Earth and the earthly branch of water 亥 Pig. The Earth in this combination seems to “sit” above the Pig, which belongs to the elements of water. The combination of signs is inharmonious, capable of creating conflict situations. Yes, the Land of Yin is more of a fertile garden where peace, tranquility and comfort reign. But the Earth on the Water is unsteadiness, fragility, instability, the earth going under water. The previous years, which fell on the coincidence of these elements in the combination of the Earth Pig, were accompanied by instability and disorder.

The Year of the Pig will continue to detract from the element of Fire, which in the system of five elements symbolizes optimism, happiness and confidence. This trend began in the last year of the Dog, and the Pig, symbolizing the element of Water, will finally consume Fire.

Doctor’s advice on nutrition

The three things on which health is based are movement, proper sleep and proper nutrition.

Give up foods that cause increased heat in the body – yang: lamb, venison, coffee – replace them with tea, milk and dairy products, lemons, green beans, tropical fruits (with the exception of bananas). If the body consumes foods with a high level of yang, but spends much less, diseases arise: hypertension, diabetes, and others.

Gradually, but significantly reduce the flour and sweet, fatty and overcooked. The year is prone to overeating. And excess weight causes problems with the joints and blood vessels. Make sure to consume no more than your body burns in a day. Do not seize stress, so as not to spoil both the figure and the general tone of the body.

Get rid of unnecessary addictions, be very careful about alcohol – even though you want to forget all the problems with a glass or a glass. Stay calm and sane and remember that all difficulties will pass.

The main dangers of the year: stomach and heart

Yin earth in traditional Chinese medicine refers to two organs – the stomach and pancreas. The inharmonious state of the Earth element is associated with problems with the digestive organs, especially with the pancreas, which regulates blood sugar and produces insulin. Problems with this organ can lead to diabetes. Therefore, I emphasize once again: pay attention to your diet and its composition.

A decrease in the fiery element in the year of the Earth Pig will affect the work of the heart and the circulatory system. The latter is especially true in the cold season, especially if you try to walk barefoot even in cold weather (I noticed a strange tendency for young people to bare their ankles, although it’s not summer outside).

Even a slight coldness in the feet has a direct effect on the kidneys and genitourinary system. Women in adulthood then suffer from varicose veins. Keep your hands and feet warm. These are commonplace tips, but in a person whose feet and hands are constantly freezing, the veins become weak and more fragile, and the blood thickens, putting more pressure on fragile vessels. If you add to this the wrong diet – and in cold weather, some people like to add meat, butter, fatty and dairy products – this further exacerbates the problem. Thick blood can cause a range of problems with the liver, heart, and clogged blood vessels.

Water and Earth, hidden in the symbolism of the year, seem to show us dampness, moisture, the absence of fire, which can also affect bone diseases, such as rheumatism.

Vitamins and antioxidants will help regulate the balance of the Earth element, and coenzymes will help strengthen the Fire element. Keep your limbs warm by not neglecting warm clothes and shoes in the cold.

And the last important aspect is a good sleep. Nothing should interfere with your eight-plus hours of sleep. Learn to fall asleep before midnight and wake up early to dedicate the morning not only to breakfast and exercise, but also to a walk – movement. Be healthy and happy in the new year!

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